Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Booty-Kick Weekend!!

Note to self:
When a gym advertises that they're having "Special Super Bowl Weekend Classes" they probably don't mean "special" in a "there will be chips and salsa!" kind of way. 

I got the crazy notion to take this "special" class this morning, since I'm trying hard to infuse my routine with some variety. I've been taking classes off and on for a couple weeks and while none of them have been a breeze, this one was KILLER! 

And not only was it torturous, it was led by the teeny tiniest instructor at the gym, who is always super peppy and excited about doing 8 more reps of anything. I really wanna like her...and in any other setting, like if I ran into her at Wal-Mart or a church picnic, I'd probably love her! But when she's up there going, "Come on! We got this! Oh yeah! Can ya feel it? WOOOOH!" with that huge smile on her face, barely even breaking a sweat...well it's just kinda hard to not hate her. Especially because in a past class I took from her she mentioned she has three kids! (Note: I could fit her entire body in my right leg. Smooshed up and rearranged, of course, but the point is that her entire "mass," if you can even call it that, equals my thigh.) She said she stays fit by dancing. Well, I dunno what her definition of dancing is, but she ain't doin' the hokey pokey to get that body. *haha*

Anyway...where was I? Oh yeah, the class. So she said that the class director, whoever that is, told her to amp it up a notch with "hardcore cardio" and include "football style drills." Um, hello, we're all women! What makes you think we wanna do FOOTBALL drills?!? I probably couldn't really pinpoint what was football related and what wasn't. But it was all really, really difficult. The only balls we used were those ginormous bouncy balance balls. I really hate those things. I feel like a fat walrus playing with a ball for the amusement of onlookers. Seriously, SO ungraceful! 
(Can you believe I found a picture of a Walrus with a ball?!? I love the internet.)

She had us roll over on top of it, y'know, belly down, and then expected us to roll all the way out to where just our feet were on it, then pull our knees into our chests. HA! So like this: pull your knees to your chest. (Couldn't find a picture of anyone doing the whole move...guess I should just be grateful I found that walrus!) Well I kept on falling over to the left or the right. I have no balance, my Wii Fit tells me that every day. (Oh I have a bone to pick with my Wii Fit...remind me to blog about that sometime. *haha*) It wasn't pretty. And for some reason, I seemed to be the only person having trouble with this. Even the granny next to me, who had been my "low-impact" cardio buddy during the first half-hour, was rollin' and squeezin' along with the rest of them! Trader. 

Oh well, I survived to be sore for another day. Seriously, when WILL the soreness ever go away? 


Anonymous said...

That class sounds tough! I prefer them to just going to the gym, though. It really helps when I have someone bossing me around.

If granny cardio can do it, you can certainly do it better! Keep it up!

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

I HATE those balls! I have a lot of trouble balancing, too. Of course, I also have trouble doing a simple lunge without tottering.

Love the walrus pic!

Monica said...

This made me chuckle, I'm really not sadistic. I especially loved the walrus with the ball. How utterly random.

Ashley said...

The walrus & ball pic = classic!

Aimee said...

this is probably my favorite post EVER!!! We have one of those balls, but I just use it for sit ups...there is no rolling across it for me, I roll right off! hello...round body on a round ball = not graceful.

I have a hard time connecting to my trainer dude, because he is "perfect" and has always been skinny. But it was nice to finally learn some of the problems he has in his life. I don't know if I would trade...but maybe for a week!

Anyway, I'm proud of you for going to the class!! And I can't wait to hear about your wii fit rant! I've heard nothing but good things about wii fit, but I have to lose 50 more lbs to be within the weight limit.

love ya!