Friday, January 9, 2009

Whadda beautiful day!

Even though I still think we need some more snow, who can deny that today is a gorgeous day?? I just got back from walking to dogs and I was actually SWEATING when we walked back in. The sun is bright and shiny and I think the temperature is in the mid-60's! Nutso!

Y'know, sometimes I wish I was more like my dogs. For one, they get exceptionally excited at the offer of extra physical activity. The way they run around like mad men when I put their leashes on... I wish I got that pumped when someone told me I could go to the gym. "Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Are you serious? Today? I get to go RIGHT NOW? YAAAAY!!!" Secondly, they fall into new habits so easily! I've taken them for walks for the past two days since the weather has been a little warmer. But before that it had been several months since they've sniffed new air through anything but a car window. Well today when I got back to the house and let them out of the bedroom, they all ran down the stairs straight to where their leashes are hanging. Now, I had already anticipated taking them for a walk, but I thought it was funny that they had the same idea. I wish I could do something for two days and then have it fully engrained in my routine. *sheesh* 

Hey speaking of walking my dogs, (nice segway, yes?) here's a scrapbook layout featuring that exact activity! These pictures were taken last Spring. You should have seen me taking them...I had to bend over to get the camera in their faces, but not break my stride because then they'd sit down and I wanted action shots! *haha* 
Sorry, I didn't take any detail shots of this one...there aren't that many small details really. The journaling just talks about how MoJo always walks on my right, Wrigley always on the left, and Cubby likes to bug both of them so he rotates. :) The paper is from SEI. I bought it right after I took these pictures because it was "Dog park" paper...and these are pictures of my DOGS at a PARK. So I thought it worked. And it's just plain cute.

Ok, I know I've complained in the past (not on here, but in-person to many of you reading this) about the over abundance of 1-photo pages in scrapbook magazines these days. And that's because I normally have way too many pictures to scrapbook to spend my energy on a page with only one picture! BUT...I never said I didn't see the value in doing a special page now and then, featuring one particularly cute picture. Right? I had to get that out of the way so you don't preach back at me here...since I'm about to show you TWO one-page layouts. *eek!* But way till you see the pictures! You'll understand. Oh but I do hereby swear to never scrapbook a picture of a toothpaste tube or my dirty laundry. Alright? :)

This was one of those pages that practically put itself together. I x-acto knifed the background to slip my picture behind, cut out a few spare flowers from a different sheet and voila! (Ok maybe that's not all I did, but it felt very simple.) 
Isn't this a great picture?!? My Mom took it in the zoo gift shop when we were being silly with the hats. This was before Livvie had really embraced the whole "Say Cheese!" thing so it was particularly thrilling to get such a head-on shot of her. SO CUTE. I loved this paper line from WeR from the moment I saw it...that might be why I own the entire collection. :) And the brads in the middle of the flowers are from Creative Cafe - I bought practically every color when they went on clearance. I think they're so neat.

This is an all-time favorite picture. It completely captures the Livvie Bug that we all love so much! Look at those sparkly eyes! Those cheeks! That ornery smile! Love it, love it, love it. That's why I got it developed as n 8x10. *haha* Well, I've never scrapbooked a photo this large before. I thought it would be easy! But I've gotta tell you, I found it pretty challenging! There's just not much space left to work with.
I ended up going for that lackadaisical, "I'm just gonna stick these stickers any ol' place" look. I don't think I'm very good at it, but eh. What's done is done. (Though, not technically, if we consider the existence of Un-Du. *hehe*)
The paper and stickers are all K&Co's Urban Rhapsody, which I love. Sorry the second picture is so shadowy...I waited till too late in the day to take them. :^/ The big circle says "cutie patootie" in the box, cause she IS! 

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a chick named Toni... said...

First off wonderful job on the pics of the poochies! I love the layout too! Second...I know what you mean about one page layouts but sometimes there are just those photos you want to give special attention to. I have to admit I have done a few of them is past year myself. I wouldn't consider doing one page layouts all the time but some times you just gotta!!!