Friday, January 30, 2009

Top of the waffle to ya!

I broke out of my breakfast rut this morning. Not that the rut was bad (some kind of Kashi cereal + banana + sometimes yogurt), but I've recently been inspired by those Eggo commercials. Y'know, the ones with the precocious children that have supposedly created their own special (and surprisingly healthy) "signature" waffle? "I'm Elle, and this is MY eggo!" Sure, sure it is. Why don't any of these waffle creations include M&M's or marshmallows? Now that's something a kid would come up with. *haha*

Anyway, apparently Eggo sponsors a lot of things I watch, because I kept seeing those commercials and finally, yesterday when I was at Target, the thought, "WAFFLES! MUST HAVE WAFFLES!" crept into my head.  Just that subtly! But alas, Eggo's commercials backfired on them because I bought Kashi brand waffles instead. Sorry, Eggo. They're a lot healthier (more fiber, fewer calories) and let's face it, just buying something by Kashi makes me feel all cool and backpacker-ish. I got the Honey Oat flavored ones.

To top my own special waffle creation I picked up some strawberries and blackberries. Originally bananas were going to go in the mix, but I've had bad luck with Target bananas. They're always very green on the shelf...but they seem to go straight from too green to BLACK. Yuck! So I stuck with the berry blend. Then, to kick it up a notch (BAM! Anyone watch Emeril? Nevermind...) I got some sugar free honey! How exciting! 

This morning as I was chopping up and mixing the berries, I was really struck by how beautiful they are. Such rich color! It made me feel very Springy. :) I dusted them with a little Splenda to tone the tartness down a bit and Voila!

So, let's do this right.

"I'm SARAH! And this is MY Kashi Honey Oat waffle!" *hehe*
Pretty, isn't it? Drizzled in honey with those lovely berries on it. And DELICIOUS! Scrumptious, even! Guess someone who gets this excited about a waffle should break out of their rut more often. ;) (Gotta tell ya, I'd highly recommend these waffles! They're a little sweet and have a nice texture. Yum!)


Ashley said...

Yummm!!! That.Looks.Amazing.

And Kashi does the same thing to me - makes me feel all nature-y and GREEN, LOL.

Krissy said...

They look DELICIOUS!!! Heck with my Oatmeal cream pie breakfast! I'm getting me some fruity waffles!

I have to say though...using the Dixie plate goes against the Green feel. ;)

I would totally do it too though! :D

Michelle said...

Those do look good! I can't eat Splenda though but I'm so sweet I don't need to add anything to my fruit! ;D Boy, I could go for a bowl of fresh berries right now! Do you deliver???

Monica said...

We have found that Dillons is the best place for bananas. Great pictures, too!

Texas Belle said...

Wow! that looks delicious! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I love yours also! 20sb is so great to find new and interesting blogs to read!

Anonymous said...

That looks delicious! Will you come and make me breakfast tomorrow?

I've really enjoyed looking through your blog!

Kimpossible said...

Yummy, I didnt even know that Kashi made waffles. I like their cereals. I must have the waffles! Ive also never heard of sugar free honey, where did you get that?

Those berries are beautiful, they do look like spring.

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Those berries look fantastic! I am also a fan of the Kashi waffles, but I have to admit I'm a sugar-free syrup kind of waffle person. But this idea? I'll definitely have to try!

Camevil said...

Nice presentation! I am easily seduced by good-looking food. And what you captured looks so good it's bad. Like it should be the centerfold in a naughty food magazine.