Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Duper Sunday!

I hope you all had a pleasant day yesterday, whether you watched the game or not! :) I'm not much of a sports person so to me, the Super Bowl is just an excuse to get together with my family. Admittedly I spent way more time gabbing with my Mom & sis and playing with the kids than I did actually looking at the TV screen. Not even the commercials! *tsk tsk* From the reaction of those that were watching, they didn't seem that great anyway. I did like the Coke one with the bugs, that was fun. And I watched the Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head one this morning on the net and it was cute too. 

So, my adorable little Livvie Bug was sportin' a new do last night. New to me, anyway. I hadn't seen it. Lauren had put her hair in PIGTAILS! Oh how I love me some piggytails. Wish I would have gotten a better picture...she was having too much fun playing to stand still for long.
 And not only that, her hair made the most perfect little ringlets. Like the kind girls spend hours trying to get for prom, y'know? At first I thought, "How on earth did Lauren get her to hold still to roll those like that?" But then she told me that she puts the piggies in wet and just kinda forms Liv's natural curls into a spiral and TADA!  I had to take a close-up because I was so impressed. 

And of course Jack was there too...being silly and funny as always. He's having so much fun now that he's walking. He'd just walk/run back and forth, back and forth, giggling the whole time. He's a hoot! He's now blowing kisses (*mwah* noise included!) and waving Bye Bye. The funniest thing, though, was the face he'd make when I'd tell him to "Say Cheese!" for a picture. I didn't think he would know how, but he just scrunched his little face all up into a big, cheesy smile! Like this:

We pulled some 3-D glasses out of a book when the 3-D Super Bowl commercials came on...they didn't really work but Livvie had fun playing with them:

Livvie is into taking pictures and it's amazing how good she is at it. She holds the camera right (well, as right as she can with those little hands!) and never presses the wrong button.) Here she is taking a picture with Mom's camera:
And here's a picture of Jack & I that she took all by herself! Not bad, eh?

Well, today is "Hubby Day" (his day off) so we're off to run some errands together. I do have some food-related stuff to talk about from yesterday so I'll try to post that ASAP. 

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kilax said...

You and your neice and nephew are so adorable!