Friday, January 2, 2009

Out with the Old

I spent almost the entire day in my scrapbook room yesterday...not scrapbooking, but straightening, organizing, cleaning and PURGING. It was way past time, folks. For one, that poor room had become the dumping ground for everything after our floor project, vacation and Christmas so I couldn't see my desk. (I know we scrappers SAY that a lot, but literally, I could not see my desk! *eek*)  

Then I started to pull all of the items I'd been saving up for my New York album and put them all in one spot. I figured since my photos should be here fairly soon (I ordered them online earlier this week) I should get everything ready for inspiration to strike! :)

One thing led to another and I ended up sorting through my entire paper stash, something I hadn't done in a while. Gah - where did some of this stuff come from?!? I swear I must have had an out of body experience when this paper was purchased. Some of it is uuuuuuugly! The funny thing is, I actually remember buying it and thinking it was cute! But as I started to look back, some of this stuff was over 10 years old!! I bought it before I started working at Scrapbook Garden, right after I met Jeremy and started scrapbooking. So I guess styles in other areas have changed in that time...if you looked at clothing and hair ads from 1999 they look a lot different than they would now. (I know I looked a lot different 10 years ago...I was a hot li'l blonde. Some things haven't improved. *hehe*)

Clearing out that old, uninspiring paper was really liberating.  I then pulled out my idea binder that weighs about 15 lbs. I've been snipping ideas from magazines and printing them from the internet for probably about 6 years now...and trust me some of them were looking pretty dated as well. So I tore out all of the ideas that felt old and tired...or the ones that I just didn't like that much anymore. And I added in the ones from the stack of magazines that have been sitting neglected for a few months.  

It left me feeling excited about scrapbooking again! Let's face it, I haven't been exactly inspired lately. But it's a new year!! And I have some amazing pictures to scrapbook and the only paper left in my scrapbook room is paper I LOVE! So what's not to be inspired about? :)


Michelle said...

Not sure what plans you have for your purged paper but I can tell you from experience (not that I ever buy anything and later wonder why! ahem) but scout troops and/or Sunday School classes often LOVE getting those donations!

Nikki said...

Sarah, you are getting me motivated to do just the same thing. I really need to spend some time cleaning, organizing, and purging as well.

a chick named Toni... said...

Listen to you! That's gotta feel good. I did that too last weekend. I couldn't believe all the old stuff I had. I too thought what the? when I found some of the things I hadn't used in my room. Too funny!

I think your Martha finds are pretty cute as well. Sometimes she can sneak up on you and surprise you with some cute stuff. I have yet to try it but I bought her glue pad. It was half the price of the one they sell at SBG so I thought what the's worth a try.