Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Apple Dumpling Gang

I'm proud to say that I've been eating really healthy the last two weeks (with the exception of "Cheesecake Day," but let's look past that.) I've been tracking all my meals and snacks at Spark People, a nifty little diet site that's absolutely free! I've used it in previous diet attempts and found it really helpful (well, apparently not helpful ENOUGH! *wink*) since it adds up the calories, fat, sodium, y'know EVERYTHING for you...and you can also log how many hours you spend exercising to see how many calories you're burning. There's also lot's of different message boards and support groups you can join if you want. See? Nifty.

On the page where you track your meals, there's a spot at the top where you say how many glasses of water you've had (something I have NO problem with...chug chug chug) and how many fruit and veggie servings you've had (something I have...well...a little more of a problem with.) It's very eye opening to look at a day where you thought you were eating pretty healthy, but realize you didn't come close to the fruit and veggie quota you're supposed to reach. So I've been trying much harder to keep up with that.

But I digress...the entire point of this post is that I've been eating lot's of apples. Probably "an apple a day" which, though cliche, must be a good thing. I love, love, LOVE golden delicious apples, so I bought a bag of small ones and have been going through them like crazy. 

Well, I'm a dog-mom that likes to share with her dogs. I let them lick my plate (Yes,all you haters, plates that I wash and then use again. If you don't like that, bring your own dishes when you come to my house. *haha*), yogurt cups, ice cream bowls....whatever I was eating as long as it's not harmful to them. So the other day I had the random thought, that I would let them taste the apple core after I was done. Not totally EAT it, they're not really garbage disposals, I am aware of that. But y'know, lick it and maybe chew a piece off. What a discovery that was. They LOVED it!! It was hilarious though, because as each dog took his turn, they would first latch onto it like, "Great thanks, I'm gonna go eat this over there..." but then realizing I wasn't going to let go of it, they'd release their grip and just kinda lick it. They've gotten better at this as time has gone on, and today I got such a kick out of them (and my camera "happened" to be right there) so I took some pictures. MoJo was being camera shy, I guess, because he never came and took a bite while I had the thing out.
The last one is my favorite...Wrigley's scrunched up face just cracks me up. He was really serious about it!


a chick named Toni... said...

So cute! The last one is my favorite too! I think it is so funny that they would eat an apple. Gabby usually won't go near healthy stuff. She loves Vanilla Waffers. She hears the box open and it doesn't matter where she is in the house she will be at my feet in 2 seconds after hearing the box open! I let my little doggie lick my bowl too!

Heather Rose said...

Your critters are adorable.

My girls are like night and day when it comes to munchies.

Chewie is a tad picky over non-chow food items.

Nermal, on the other hand, will eat a rock if I seem happy enough when I offer it to her.