Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Adventures in Scrapbook Shopping!

On Monday I was fortunate enough to be invited to Kansas City for a day trip of scrapbook shopping and cheesecake eating! How completely fantastic! :) I went with Mary and Toni, two amazing friends I had the pleasure of working with at the Garden, and Mary's friend Linda. It was a really fun day, but it certainly wasn't without its share of hiccups. 

As we were driving along down the highway, having a good ol' gabbin' time, we suddenly heard this loud screeching noise. At first we credited it to some semi's passing on the other side of the road. But then they were gone, and the noise was getting louder. Toni yelled, "I think you have a flat!" and Mary pulled over. We were all in disbelief but lo and behold when we got out to look, the front left tire was in, well, pretty poor shape.  
My mind immediately traveled back to that morning when, as I was getting ready to leave, my loving husband had said, "Make sure you have your AAA card!" And I had laughed to myself thinking, "Oh you sweet, silly boy. Like we're going to need THAT!" Ha! Major jinx, I guess. But after Mary and Linda had surveyed the donut situation and realized we couldn't even get to the thing (it was attached underneath the rear of the car), I whipped that card out and dialed for help.
After my call was FINALLY handled by the "first available representative," I was giving the woman all of our information and she asked us what mile marker we were nearest. Well none of us knew that, but when we looked out the back window we could all see it and it didn't look that far, so Toni volunteered to run and see. (Poooor Toni. *haha* We had no idea how far it really WAS!) 

As she was running and huffing and puffing, these two gentlemen pulled over and asked her if we needed any help. She was able to convey, through broken speech and motions *wink* that we indeed DID need some help. And since AAA was going to take at least 45 minutes to show up, we were thrilled that these fella's were willing and able.
 They told us they'd actually been driving in the OTHER direction and saw poor Toni running down the side of the road. They both said they would never want their wives or daughters to be in that position, so they turned around to help us. Real gentlemen!!! They wouldn't accept any money for their time and we didn't get their names...but GOD BLESS YOU, you nice men, wherever you are. *haha*
So then we had the pleasure of spending an hour in the Ottawa Wal-Mart getting new tires, since we didn't want to be driving on that donut all day. :^/ But eventually we DID make it to K.C. And the first stop for these weary, starving travelers had to be, beyond shadow of a doubt, The Cheesecake Factory! Possibly my favorite place in the whole, wide world of food. :) I ordered my usual: Fried Macaroni & Cheese Balls (yes they're as decadent and fattening as they sound) and Banana Cream Cheesecake, which I think I could eat every day for the rest of my life and never, ever get tired of it. It is DEEEEEEVINE! Heaven on a plate! Mmm mmm MMMM!!! Ok, enough raving. We all enjoyed our lunch, but LOVED our cheesecake! See? 
Me with my banana DREAM!

Toni got some kind of Reece's/Butterfinger Extravaganza! Delish! 

Mary had her favorite, the Snickers Cheesecake. It had chunks of Snicker bars in it! INSANELY yummy!!

Linda tried the 30th Anniversary special chocolate cake + cheesecake layers...amaaazing dahling.

You might be surprised to hear that the day improved even BEYOND amazing cheesecake! Because then it was time to go scrapbook shopping!!! Our first stop was Jo Ann's, which in Wichita is not a very exciting place. But the K.C. Jo Ann's is HUGE and has a big ol' scrapbook section, beyond even what Hobby Lobby has. But big deal, what were they possibly gonna have that I would need? Famous last words. I rounded a corner and there, before my eyes, were the two lines from Colorbok that I had wanted SO badly, but Kathy refused to order. (Remember that ordeal?) I was able to find some of it on 2P's but they didn't carry it all. Well, not only did Jo Ann's have it all, it was 40% off!! 
Um, this is what the section looked like after I got done with it...*hehe*

As you can see, I was slightly excited.

Jumping for joy! *haha* (Toni & I had talked earlier in the day about how popular "jumping" pictures are these days, so we decided this was an appropriate moment to try one ourselves. Funny stuff.) 

After Jo Ann's we went to Archiver's and while there was no literal jumping up and down, I found some great stuff there too!! Most of which was also on sale, so I felt obligated to take it home. *haha*  So much fun! Thanks for letting me tag along, girls!!


Kimpossible said...

Wow, that stinks about the tire incident but it sounds like the trip improved nicely!!! Im going up that way Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I think I will hit Joann's too I've never been to the one in KC.

Michelle said...

Looks like fun but where are the rest of the pictures?! Where are the "loot" photos??

Nikki said...

I am glad you all had fun. I do want to see Loot pictures.

chrisandginny said...

Anytime I need a good smile/giggle/laugh I know I can always come to your blog, and it never lets down :)

a chick named Toni... said...

Very well put! Our story lives on in blog land! The pics of your excitement just crack me up...I am so glad to have caught the moment...looking at them I remember when I asked you to jump and you said wait...I don't want to scare that little old lady! LOL! Thanks for making me smile Sarah!