Monday, January 26, 2009


I decided that maybe I should start "weighing in" on my blog every Monday. I guess I was inspired by the weigh-ins on The Biggest Loser and thought maybe it would give me some extra motivation and accountability, knowing I have to fess up to you fine people. (Although as my friends, I trust you won't beat me up about maybe you won't be the best for accountability after all. *haha* And these weigh-ins will NOT include photos of me wearing a sports bra & bike shorts. Sorry, you must be so disappointed.) 

Last Monday I obviously didn't have the "opportunity" to blog about my weight, since I was on that fantastic road trip, buying scrapbook supplies and eating cheesecake...oh to do that every Monday. *haha* But I did weigh myself that morning so I am proud to tell you that in week one I lost 5 lbs! Mind you, some of those pounds had been bouncing back and forth already, but I'm counting them anyway. :)

And today I weighed in and can tell you that the weight loss for week two is: 2 lbs! So that makes a total of 7 in two weeks, which I'll take! Pretty happy with that...but I do expect the numbers to slow waaaaaay down, due to previous experience. We'll have to wait and see.

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Nikki said...

Great Job! I will try to help you. Don't get discouraged if it does slow down. You are inspiring me to make more of an effort. We need to get together soon.