Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OOPS I did it again...

I ordered online
I can't seem to stop
Oh baby, baby...
OOPS it's Etsy.com! 
I can't stay awaaaaaaay
I'm not that innocent!

(If you didn't sing that to the tune of the Britney Spears song, I'm sorely disappointed.*hehe* Go back and do it, now!)

So tonight as I watched "Superstars of Dance" on my DVR, I popped back over to Etsy to *ahem* "browse." Silly me. I must have added and trimmed my "cart" about 10 times. I'd get all excited and add a bunch of stuff, then I'd see the total and go, "Whoops!" and have to take a bunch of stuff out. Then I'd find more....etc. etc. you get the idea. I held back fairly well, I'd say. I got out for under $20 including shipping! Here are a few of my finds:

(Saw these on Kim's blog earlier tonight. Maybe I can blame my visit to Etsy on her?)

So now I really have to reign myself in. Although on the job front, I did bite the bullet and apply online for a position at Borders. I know, I know. "Sarah, you're not even a reader!" Small detail! *haha* I love so many other things the store has to offer... stationary, journals, gifts, cards, children's books, CD's, DVD's, magazines, coffee. Oh wait, I don't like coffee. I'm sure they sell coffee CAKE and I like that! HEY! It's a job, people. *shrug* We'll see what comes of it, I certainly haven't signed any contracts.

If anyone knows of someplace FUN that's hiring, let me know! :)


Kimpossible said...

Oh no, if I went to Etsy because of you and then you went because of me, then I guess its my turn again! LOL! Trust me I know all about having to trim the cart.

I think it would be cool to work at Borders. Maybe they have a good discount and you might become a reader. I will keep my eys and ears open for fun and cool positions.

Well Im off to Etsy...See you later!!!

~Samantha said...

OMG Borders has paperchase stuff which is my fav Fav FAV (that's escalating excitement and octaves in case you didn't catch the increasing caps :P) store in London!!! I LOVE their stuff!!!!

anyway I think I'm gonna have to pop over and copy some of your orders after my next paycheck, that stuff would look AMAZING with my photo a day project!!! And I don't think I've ever been to etsy so I HAVE to go check it out, it's like an experiment or field trip or something

Michelle said...

I know there are instances when these words would strike horror in a person but.....you have a great personality (it's true!) so I think you'd make a great addition to Border's! The one near my house is hiring too and I keep toying with the idea.

And I like the circle calendar thingies! Send me a link to those if you can!

And Samantha, can you feel the EYEROLL?!

a chick named Toni... said...

Etsy is so neat. I love the stuff you picked out. Good to see Kimmers back! Gotta love Michelle's eyeroll comment!

You would work out anywhere because you are just so darn sweet!