Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time's a Tickin'

I was on quite a roll pumping out scrapbook page there for a while and then before I knew it, I hadn't scrapbooked in over a week! And I gotta get movin' if I plan on cashing in on that 20 Layouts for 20 Bucks deal over at 2P's. So yesterday I spent some quality time in my scrapbook room getting some things done.

And I actually started scrapbooking pictures from New York! Wow is that an overwhelming project. It doesn't seem like there's that many photos when I'm just looking at them on my computer, but when that BOX of photos showed up on my porch from Shutterfly, I about had a conniption! Yikes! So yesterday I spent way too much time looking at them and sorting through them, trying to decide where to start. I ended up picking some photos from the beginning of our trip.
This layout was a complete and total scraplift of a page from my massive idea binder. The paper is from Junkitz. (May be the only thing I've ever bought from Junkitz. Did they go out of business? Cause I can't find a website for them. Oh well) I bought it right after Jeremy promised me we would go to NYC in 2008 with the trip in mind. *hehe* Glad we got to go, or that paper would be nothing but a bitter reminder now. ;) Anyway, I had a lot of fun cutting up all the papers, especially the one with larger graphics that I used as die cut embellishments.

I'm not completely satisfied with this page...I feel like something's missing. Maybe the yellow is too garish? Something about it just isn't right. But anywho, the paper and embellishments are all from American Crafts.

Then I decided I really wanted to use some of the stuff I bought in K.C. so I dug through my NYC photos looking for one of my many cupcake pictures. And voila!
This is my favorite of the batch, by far. Probably because it consists mainly of my brand new goodies!!! The sticker letters and chipboard embellishments (including the cupcake) are from Colorbok. The scalloped white & clear paper is from KI, picked that li'l beauty up at Archiver's. Yay! 


Kenny Crystal Blaike & Makenna said...

Do you have a job? Because I seriously don't know how you have time to crank out all of these pages!!! I haven't scrapbooked in over a year and it just seems impossible right now. Maybe I need a bigger house with a room for it????!!!!

~Samantha said...

OMG your pages are AMAZING...I'm insanely jealous of your creative juices right now :P

a chick named Toni... said...

Very good Sarah. You get two gold stars. One for starting to scrap your NY trip and one for using your new paper! Very nice layouts!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous as usual!

Nikki said...

love the layouts. Great job using the new paper.