Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just a Big ol' Loser!

Is anyone else watching The Biggest Loser this season? I admit I missed last season, but I really do like this show when I get into it. And this season is really interesting because they have some of the heaviest contestants ever who are in need of more help than any others before. I'm psyched to see how much weight they'll be able to lose. Inspirational! If they can do it, anyone can do it! Right? I think that's probably the idea behind this show.  It's either that or the heavier the contestant the more viewers they get, but I'd hate to be that skeptical. ;)

Last night one of the contestants (is her name Joelle? I don't know how to spell it) got her head ripped right off by trainer Bob. She was the one who almost dropped out of the competition when the $$$ temptation was offered so of course everyone was questioning how much she really wanted to be there. So then in the last-chance-workout, Bob wanted everyone to run 30 second increments and Joelle kept stopping after about 20. He got SOOOO mad at her! It was pretty crazy. If someone had yelled at me like that I probably (make that definitely) would have started bawling! But she kept pretty calm, telling him she was TOO pushing herself. But she almost struck me as aloof, like his anger wasn't even phasing her. 

And though it was easy for me to jump on the bandwagon, thinking, "Wow, she's really pathetic. So many people would kill to be where she is, having that opportunity. How dare she not push herself harder?" But in reality, how many times have I started cooling down before a song is over? Or hopped off the elliptical with 1 minute or so left on the clock? I'm SO guilty of saying, "Eh, that's good enough," and calling it a day. And I'm in better shape than any of the contestants on that show, so who am I to judge them for being tired and wanting to quit?

So today at the gym I had that thought in my mind and even caught myself thinking, "Oh, I'll just do 45 minutes...what's that extra 15 minutes really gonna do?" But I stuck it out for the full 60 and felt really good about myself when I walked out of that gym. I've gotta get better at sticking with it and seeing it through to the end, not just settling for "good enough." 

On the diet front, I've discovered something really yummy that I wanted to let y'all know about. The folks at Special K decided long ago that conquering the world of cereal just wasn't enough and have branched out into many other kinds of foods, much of which I've tried and enjoyed. At Wal-Mart the other day I picked up a box of their new crackers (so new, apparently, that the things aren't even listen on their website yet!). I got the multi-grain ones but they do have other flavors. These things are good! You can have 17 of them for 90 calories...which, if you're a carb-nut like me you know that this is a much larger portion than other crackers, even "light" Wheat Thins. And that's kinda what they taste like...a Wheat Thin. I had a handful today with my vegetable soup and they were extremely satisfying. Yummalicious! :)


Krissy said...

I'm watching this season. Although I haven't watched this week's yet. That's on the agenda for tonight. I'm really hoping for a more inspirational season this time. Last time made me hate people...and I didn't like that. I just want to be excited for everybody this time.

Michelle said...

I think the problem for Bob was that in the first episode Joelle was a lot of talk and very little action. Her friend lost more weight because she worked harder and she wanted to stay but let Joelle stay so she could prove something. The friend, forgetting her name at the moment, said it was a test of their friendship so if Joelle doesn't get it in gear she's going to lose more than her place on the ranch I think.

I'm just wondering if it's possible for me to watch an episode of this show and not cry!

chris & ginny said...

I love BL! I completely agree with Krissy's comment about hating people, I despised the blue team by then end of last season! :(
Do you go to the Y to work out? I'm always looking for a work out buddy, one to keep you going for the last 15 minutes when you think 45 is enough, and no one is going to know or care! I'm totally in the same boat, girl! :)