Monday, January 5, 2009

Somethin' Special

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get tired of the same ol' scrapbook products that I see in every craft store. I mean sure, like every six months the companies put out something new. But who can wait that long for new inspiration? ;)

I've mentioned Etsy on here before, sharing some of the paper goods you can purchase there. But only recently did I place my first order...and guess what! My goodies arrived today! And I'm THRILLED with them! Unfortunately it makes me wanna log right back on and order more stuff...that's not a good reaction is it? *haha* 

So you wanna see my awesome purchases? Well who am I to deny you that pleasure? :)

I bought these:
(follow the link to see more views)
I personally get SICK of seeing the exact quotes on every single die cut and sticker. (You know what I'm talking about. "If friends were flowers, I'd pick you!" "Too Cute to Spook!" "A dog smiles with it's tail!" Blah blah blah.) These are quotes from movies. Some of my favorites are: "What's happening hot stuff?" from Sixteen Candles, "Oh, you must be grumpy!" from Snow White and "Just keep swimming!" from Finding Nemo! YAY! (Hey Michelle you should check these out: there's a Princess Bride quote included!)  And not only are they unique and fun, I absolutely love the way they're printed. They're fantasmic! (Yes fantasmic. I've decided the make that a word.) But seriously, they're very cool.

I also bought these from the same seller on Etsy:
I think they'll make cute little additions to a page. I love the font and thought the ones with images were neat too.

Then the last thing I purchased from that particular seller were these bingo cards. Yes, I realize these aren't exactly unique in the world of scrapbooking these days, but I hadn't gotten any yet so they're new to ME.  I've seen some super cute pages using these things, I can't wait to do something with them myself. 

The other seller actually has a website as well, but I didn't discover that until today.  I only got one set of tags (with Christmas carols printed on them) but after looking at their website I think I'll definitely be placing another order with them. They have the cutest journaling spots and alphabets. It's a fun find and most of the stuff is relatively inexpensive. Check 'em out: Elle's Studio.

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Michelle said...

Very cute! But I think they need more Princess Bride quotes 'cause I know you miss hearing me quote those all the time at work!