Thursday, January 8, 2009

20 Layouts for $20?

2P's is running a special offer right now, offering an incentive for uploading new ideas into their idea gallery. If you add 20 projects by the end of the month, they'll give you $20 free shopping credits!! I'm psyched about this, because 2P's is my favorite online scrapbook store (although with all my posts about Etsy lately, that fact might be in question, right?). So who can say I'm unemployed? I'm gonna make $1 a layout! *haha* Quite a pay cut from what I used to make as a personal scrapbooker, but it's so much more fun to be scrapping my own stuff! And I think I might take some pictures of old pages and upload them, just to ensure that I make the deadline. I'm listed as MissPeppy there is you wanna check me out. Or, go here to find out more about this offer! 

For now, here are the pages I did yesterday!

I love this page! These pictures are just too, too funny. The background is an OLD piece I pulled out of my huge stack of KI paper. They're one of my favorite companies and I've been "collecting" their lines for years now. It was so fun to finally use this piece of paper that I've loved for so long! :) The felt crown is from a Fancy Pants pack and the paper flowers are Prima.

This page was really fun to do! It's been a while since I've done a page with pictures of our church friends. These were taken at the Newlywed Game night Jeremy and I hosted for the group. It was hysterical to watch and since we made up the questions we didn't have to participate. *haha*

The paper is reeeeally old Valentine's paper. I can't even remember who makes it, Reminisce maybe? Then the stickers are from a Sandylion "He said, She said" set which I bought after we had this event. I knew they would be appropriate! 
The title is cut with the Alphalicious Cricut cartridge. This is the first time I've used the "negative" space after cutting. Originally I was just going to lay the strip over the background paper, but my letters didn't show up so I added the black. I'm pretty happy with the result!

That's it for now, but I've been scrapbooking more today so I should have something else to show by day's end. :)


Krissy said...

I'm so excited b/c after reading your blog the last few weeks I'm SO in a sbing mood again! I have seriously only scrapped maybe 4 times since I quit working at SBG. I just hadn't been in the mood since then...and that's been what? 2 years now. Thank you for inspiring me again!!! Although Richard told me I have to finish this cross-stitch project I'm in the middle of first, before I can go back to sbing. Mostly because it's a promised Christmas gift that is becoming more and more late as I type.

a chick named Toni... said...

WOWZA!!!! I love these pages they are so cute! The layouts are great and the colors are so much fun. No one would have ever known this was old paper! Love, Love, Love it!!

Michelle said...

Those are GORGEOUS, dahlink! Still stuck in Livvie's glamour world! I'm gong to have to go check out your 2Peas Gallery. So now you're a "published" scrapbooker! oh-la-la!