Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Snow Angel

This is a page I did over the weekend. These pictures are from the week before Christmas when we got that nice snow! I went down to play with Lauren and Livvie in their backyard. Liv was SO excited about the snow and all the activities involved: making snow angels, sledding (which was more being PULLED on a sled, but she didn't mind), "Kansas Sledding," aka sliding down a slide covered in snow *hehe* and throwing snowballs. She really, really wanted to make a snowman but the snow was just too powdery for that. We tried at one point, just mounding the "dust" up on top of itself into a little pile but it wasn't very impressive. She kept telling us, "Um...somethin's missin'! I know, a HAT!" It was so cute. 

This layout was very much inspired by THIS PAGE I saw on 2P's. I had to adapt it to make it 2 pages but the first page is much the same. The pink snowflake lace (by KI) was just perfect for this.I love how dainty it looks. Thank you, Lauren, for buying Livvie a pink coat. *haha*  The little bits of pattern paper are from Heidi Grace. I opted to add the sugar-coated brads (from Doodlebug) partially to add more sparkle and also because I wasn't sure how else to attach the snowflakes to the background!

The title is exciting because it's the first time I used my NEW Cricut cartridges that Lauren & Rich got me for Christmas! The word "snow" was cut with Storybook...it's just precious I know I'll be using that cartridge so much. Then the notebook-style block the title is on is from Graphically Speaking. That cartridge has SOOOO much on it!!! I've looked through the little flip book like 10 times and I'm still seeing stuff I didn't see before. I was actually looking for a snow title to cut out when I found the journaling blocks. There's a bunch of different shapes and styles you can cut. Very exciting!

P.S. I made it to the gym today! Spent an hour doing cardio...go Sarah, go Sarah. ;)


Kimpossible said...

I love this layout!!! I really really like the snowflake lace where did you find that? Livie is so cute playing in the snow, she makes a great subject for Auntie Sarah!!!

You have inspired me with your commitment to working out, as soon as Im over this cold Im hitting the eliptical.

a chick named Toni... said...

I like what you have done with the snow flakes on this layout! I just got the Storybook cartridge too and I really like it.

Good for you on going to the gym!