Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Disappointments and an injured doggy...

If like me, you like to scrapbook with neon rainbows of happiness (and don't forget the bunnies *haha*)...then DON'T COME TO SCRAPBOOK GARDEN!!!! *exaggerated wink* Yes folks, this year it appears that my tastes are on a planet that no one else visits...AND no one orders anything from. I sat through the entire meeting on Monday night thinking, "Is it just me? Do people really like that?" And according to the immediate reactions of my fellow coworkers, the answer is YES. EVERYONE ELSE likes that. Not that anything they've ordered doesn't have a place. It does! But shouldn't there be a place for MY TASTE too?!?

I pulled Kathy aside afterwards and lovingly informed her that I was going to "beat her over the head with a few catalogs." She looked surprised! :) She asked what I wanted that they didn't order so I told her.

I want the "Lucky You" line and "The Sweet Life" from Colorbok. I showed her exactly what I meant in a catalog. She said (and I quote) that she didn't order it because it looked like something from THE DOLLAR STORE. Well...I didn't know whether she was insulting the product, or my taste!!! But seeing how I have dropped a good amount of cash in the Dollar Tree in the must be my taste! *haha* But both of these lines are bright and cheerful and ADORABLE and I'm not the only one who loves them, I happen to KNOW. :) So fine. I'll order them online. (If I can find a place that carries the whole line, that is. *pout*)

Then another line that I've had my heart set on since I first laid eyes on it is Mr Campy from Cosmo Cricket. It's camping, it's retro, it's got SMILING marshmallows and pine trees, what's not to love?!? I thought this would be a gimme! Nope, they didn't order it either. So Kim and I both complained on this one, asking "WHERE'S MR. CAMPY?" *haha* Kathy came in the next morning with an actual sample of the paper and laid it out on the counter in front of me. "Have you seen this? Like actually SEEN this?" I was like, "Oooh no! It's so CUTE!" She looked at me very skeptically like I was kidding or something and said, "You LIKE this..." almost as if she didn't believe it. Trying to not get offended AGAIN I said emphatically, "I LOVE it! It's cute! It's RETRO! Don't you think it's cute?" "Hrrrmph." *haha* I couldn't help but laugh. Is my taste really that bad? But she actually did go through with ordering I need ALL OF YOU to come to Scrapbook Garden and BUY IT OUT (after I get mine, of course!) so she doesn't think it was a waste of money! *haha* I have a feeling I will be held personally responsible if this stuff ends up on the clearance rack in future months. ;)

So that night after the meeting, my parents came over to hang out for a little bit. While they were here, we noticed poor Wrigley (my "middle-child" terrier mix) was bleeding! He had snagged his dewclaw on something and had nearly ripped the thing off! After Mom and Dad left, I poured some hydrogen peroxide on it and we bandaged it up. He didn't like that one bit so to keep him from trying to gnaw the bandage off, we used the "Satellite Dish" we had leftover from MoJo's neutering experience. He didn't like that either. Imagine that!
So Tuesday morning Jeremy took Wrigaroo to the vet while I was at work. They didn't REMOVE the dewclaw, as I originally thought they would. They just removed all the severed part, cleaned and bandaged it and doped him up on some pain meds. I didn't get to witness it firsthand but Jeremy thought it was particularly hilarious, calling me every few minutes to give me the update on how "drunk" he looked. (He even sent me a few pictures on my cell phone but I don't know how to upload those here.) Poor puppy wasn't himself for several hours, but by the time I returned from work last night he was good old Wrigley again. Oh, and for those of you looking at these pictures thinking, "Awwww, poor baby! He's so pathetic and needy!" Well, that's pretty much how he always looks, it's not injury related. ;)


Michelle said...

First let me say, poor Wrigley! I hope his brothers are taking it easy on him!

And secondly, you aren't surprised by the results of the meeting are you?! Nah, I didn't think so! I've seen the Mr. Campy line at a lss here, you know how I am about camping but it's starting to grow on me. I'm thinking it would be cute for my week-end in the middle of nowhere with the girl scouts this past spring!

And you can't be blamed if any of it ends up on the clearance rack! If it was ordered when people first wanted it then it would sell! Waiting to order it after they've bought it elsewhere just doesn't make a heckuva lot of sense! But then I'm not the one with the business degree! @@

a chick named Toni... said...

I hope your little doggie is feeling better soon!

I second Michelle on the aren't surprised are you? They have their own taste of things and there are a lot of things that they don't carry that I wonder what heck!

I think that Mr. Campy will sell because we don't have anything cutesie and fun like that on the camping isle.

Nikki said...

I will follow this up with a Third vote for Michelle's response about the meeting. They do have their own thoughts on what they want to order.

I do like Mr. Campy. I agree with Toni we don't have anything cutesy like this and it would make great pages for younger kids and first time camping trips.