Saturday, October 25, 2008

Too Cute Photo Shoot

Well Jackson and Livvie are well on their way to becoming models. That is, if one photo shoot puts them well on their way.

Our good friends Steve and Sonna asked if they could "borrow" the kids to model a few costumes Sonna had created. She's an amazing seamstress and is going to start her own costume business. These were some she'd made for relatives out of state, but she wanted to get pictures for her portfolio before sending them off. Jackson and Livvie were happy to oblige. (Well, EVENTUALLY Livvie was happy to oblige. *haha*)

This is Jackson, the fully roasted and stuffed turkey. He's all ready to be set out on the kitchen table and admired by the entire family. I won't take this analogy any further...that's just plain cannibalism, people! ;)

Livvie made a precious little pilgrim. She wasn't completely thrilled with the idea, but we decided her somber expression was only fitting. I mean, she's sailed across the ocean, probably lost half of her friends and family to various diseases and now would be starving to death if not for the few pieces of corn she's been rationed. And this poor pilgrim is ALLERGIC to corn! You wouldn't be happy, either. *hahaha*

This one cracks me up! She is really playing up that pout. And don't think it's because she's horrified that her baby brother is fresh out of the no, she just didn't want to smile.

Change of costume + prop = super cute pictures!! I don't know why but she liked this outfit much better and decided to cooperate. Steve was the photographer for all of these pictures. Aren't they fantastic??

Oh and just a bonus, here are Steve and Sonna with their kiddos last Halloween:
They're all animals from advertising campaigns! Can you guess which ones? :) Sonna makes all of their costumes every year. The year before they were pirates...and Grace (the bunny *hehe*) was a parrot that "perched" on Steve's shoulder. It was fabulously creative. We all can't wait to see what they'll come as this year! (So far it's been hush-hush. Such suspense!)

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