Sunday, October 19, 2008

Olivia's Birthday Party. Extravaganza!!

(Don't you LOVE the word "extravaganza?")

Yesterday my precious niece turned THREE. While it's hard to imagine her ever not being in this world, it seems even less possible that she could be this old already! What happened to our baby? She has changed so much just over the Summer. Her hair has grown into these beautiful strawberry blonde ringlets. She's gotten much taller and has lost her baby "chubbiness." She's looking more a more like a "little girl" every day. And her personality just shines like the sun. She is so sweet and spunky. I have to say, and this isn't just partial Auntie Sarah speaking, that you will never find a more polite 3 year old. She says "thank you" about EVERYTHING without even being prompted.

"You did a good job blowing out your candles, Livvie!" - "Thank you."
"Livvie, you look so pretty today! What a cute shirt!" - "Thank you."
"Here's some more ice cream." - "Thank you."

And for the most part, she listens and obeys really well! When told to hand out goodie bags to her guests, she did so immediately. When told to give hugs and kisses goodbye, she tried her darndest but not everyone was in a hugging mood. *haha* She's even becoming more cooperative for pictures, breaking out a big smile with a "CHEEEEEETH!" So cute.

It is SUCH a testament to Lauren and Rich's hard work. They have been so consistent with her and everything they've been investing in this little girl is starting to pay off. Seeing her now, people would never believe what a strong-willed, stubborn, obstinate toddler she was. She still has melt-downs but they're nothing like they used to be. I know a lot of the shift in behavior has to do with her allergies and the strict diet she's on now. But you can't ignore the great parenting that's going on in that house. SHOUT-OUT Lauren and Rich! You guys are doing a terrific job. :)

So anyway...the party was so fun! We ate lunch together in their backyard and the weather was pure perfection. Such a great day for an outdoor party! Then Lauren had prepared some cute little activities for the kids to try: a pillowcase race (just like potato-sack except for short people *hehe*), an egg-in-spoon race and pin-the-tail on the donkey. All the children present were 3 and under, so there weren't any high expectations that they would even understand what they were attempting, but it was so cute to watch them!! I got some great videos of the games and if Blogger will ever cooperate and let me load them I'll post some. In the meantime, how about some pictures??? :)

How CRAZY that we have a kiddie table in our family now! When did this happen?

"Cousins!" Technically I guess they're 2nd cousins, but who's counting? :) Jovan just turned 3 and Juliana is 2.Jeremy was glad to see that Livvie hadn't lost her admiration for him. He was the person she kept calling for all afternoon. "Look Jeremy!" "Jeremy, c'mere!" "Where's Jeremy?"This is what Olivia got from us. They're like "animal tinkertoys." Each set comes with all the pieces to build your own animals, or you can mix and match them. We played with some in Branson and Livvie seemed to enjoy them, so when we got back to Wichita we got a couple sets at Imagine That Toys.It was quickly decided that maybe Jeremy shouldn't be allowed to play with these toys. Or children either, for that matter. ;)


Michelle said...

Looks like fun was had by all at the extravaganza! Tell Jeremy that I know some kids would appreciate playing with him! The crazier the animal the better! I think Livvie looks a lot like your mom in several of these photos! She's a cutie-pie! (I mean Livvie but it would work for your mom too!)

Monica said...

I think you need to get some of those toys for Jeremy for Christmas maybe.

a chick named Toni... said...

What a great day! Yes, they grow up so fast...too fast! It was good to see you in the pictures! I miss you!!!