Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I left my $$$ at JC Penny

I know you've all been DYING to find out how my shopping adventure went yesterday. Right? Well to my joyful amazement, I struck gold!!

I decided to go to Towne East since my Dad's firm is working on the remodel there and I was curious how it's coming along. (It's looking really nice! It's amazing how much brighter it looks already.) I was lucky to even see the rest of the mall, however, since I spent over three hours in JC Penny alone! *yikes* They were having some fantastic sales. Every item I bought was at least 40% off, some were 60%! They were also doing one of those "Buy one-get one for 88¢" specials and those always seem especially cool for some reason. "88¢?!? I get this jacket for only 88¢?!? WOW!!" Bargains just excite me, period. :) Especially when they're bargains that FIT! Glory hallelujah!

I got a pair of brown slacks and a pair of khakis. Then I got some blazer/jacket type things, one of which was only 88¢! *haha* One of them is denim, one is like a light tan pinstripe and the other one is soft green. They're casual, so I don't feel like I'm posing as Ally McBeal or something. (Wow, random 90's reference. Not sure why I thought of her.) Then I got a couple of button-up tops...again, one was just 88¢. So exciting. Then I also got this super cute brown suede jacket with some neat detailing around the collar. Not something I would typically be drawn to, it was one of the 60% bargains so I couldn't pass it up. Besides, it makes me feel kinda cool. :)

I embraced Fall as far as the color scheme goes. I look better in those colors, anyway. (Browns, oranges, greens, teals, etc.) Though I'm drawn to brighter colors, they aren't always the best choice for my skin tone. And there weren't many to be found, anyway.

Couldn't leave the mall without stopping at Payless for some BOGO fun! I needed some "dressy" shoes to go with my slacks, but I certainly wasn't going to give up comfort! I love Payless....they cater to my wide feet. So I found these classy little loafers:

And then since it's BOGO I needed to find another pair to get for half off, so I bought these:

I figured they would be a good casual alternative to my regular pink&white tennies. They're really comfy AND they're Velcro, which amuses me. :)

So by the end of the day, I'd dropped some big bucks. (Well, compared to what I normally spend on myself.) I was feeling pretty guilty about it but then I thought: #1 When was the last time I actually bought myself clothes?? It's been a long time. #2 When was the last time I found things that FIT?

Then I went to Von Maur to use their spotless restroom facilities and saw a cute sweater while walking through. Checked the price tag...yeah, that ONE sweater cost as much as ALL OF MY PURCHASES COMBINED! So then I really shed that guilt I had been feeling. I was a very smart shopper and got a ton for my money. Plus the things I got are versatile and mix&matchable. And I followed all of Stacey and Clinton's rules so even THEY would be proud of me. :)


a chick named Toni... said...

You rock chickie! I just love JcPenny's! You may have just enabled me! I need to get the girls some new cold weather clothes...might have to check that out!!

Nikki said...

Don't you just love it when you can find all the bargains. I know that I need to do some shopping, but I dread it, but I may have to try my luck this weekend.

Kimpossible said...

Yeah!!! Its one thing to actually find dress clothes that you like and that fit but to get them on sale or BOBO, well thats just perfection!!!