Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An APPLE a Day!

Today I'm feeling a little yuckish. Drainage, sinus pressure, sneezy, snotty, burning eyes...I'm a regular ad for cold medicine. But it's all good, because I've got an Apple, and isn't that just what the doctor ordered?
By APPLE I'm referring to my new Apple MacBook!! 

Jeremy ordered it for us a while ago and it arrived yesterday. Our PC has been giving me all sorts of grief for many months. One of the most frustrating problems is that I haven't been able to access any of my photos on the computer (therefore not able to get any developed) and it's been driving me crazy. Originally we were both going to get laptops, but for now we're just trying the one. 
Switching to a Mac was kind of a big deal. They're just so daggum cool that they're hard to resist. Plus you've got those extremely clever commercials that make you feel like a big dummy if you buy anything BUT a Mac. *haha*  I found myself watching them thinking, "Wow, I wanna be a MAC!" Brilliant, brilliant advertising department. I felt they should be rewarded with our purchase. ;)

The best part of this is the wireless internet, so I can type this blog or check up on my Facebook all from the comfort of my couch. Or kitchen table. Or living room floor, if I so choose. (Would have been nice about a week ago when I was laid up with a bad ankle, but oh well.) I can also do whatever I need to on the computer at the same time I'm catching up on DVR'd TV shows. I'd like to think this multi-tasking will open up more time for OTHER activities...but I'll probably have to be careful not to turn into a big ol' couch potato with roots 40ft deep. *haha*

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