Monday, October 13, 2008

Rainy Monday

Well if I had planned on going anywhere today, the weather would be enough to deter me. It's very drizzly and cloudy...perfect stay at home, sleeping in weather. Unfortunately, I've gotten more sleep than any human being NEEDS over the last 4 days, so I'm not very tired. Maybe I'll get something else of value accomplished.

Ankle update: still sore and not very bendy. I can walk on it (with the boot or without) but it's not pleasant, which makes me think I probably shouldn't be walking on it much. Or should I? I know I shouldn't drive IS my right ankle, afterall. That wouldn't be a good idea. But I can't decide if I should be stretching it in the directions that hurt or just leave it be. Any physical therapists out there with advice? :)

Subject changer! On Thursday afternoon, the day before the spill, I took the doggies to Chisholm Trail. It's a nature trail/picnic area waaaaay out east near the neighborhood I grew up in. We spent a lot of time there during my childhood; lot's of rollerskating and exploring. I've been wanting to take the dogs out there for a long time but never could find the time. Well guess what I've had a lot of lately! EXACTLY! :) So we made the drive over and took a walk around. The leaves hadn't turned quite as much as I'd hoped, but it was still beautiful. (Speaking of leaves, seems like a lot of them did their changing WHILE I was confined at home! Got out of the house to eat lunch yesterday and as we were driving I couldn't believe how many trees had embraced Fall while I was hunkered down in my basement!) Anyways, I snapped a few photos (as many as I could manage while also holding three leashes) and thought I should share them!

Shameless attempt at a photo op, I know. Poor things, they were so hot (as can be seen by Wrigley's posture) but I DID position them in the shade, so I'm not such a bad mommy. Cubby's the only one really posing for me. Funny, because he's sitting up so straight he looks way bigger than the other two. (Sidenote: The things on MoJo's and Wrig's snouts are called "Gentle Leaders." They are amaaaaaazing. If you have a dog that pulls on their leash, these really do work. MoJo never pulled until we got Wrigley, and Wrigley never pulled until we got Cubby. It's some kind of competition thing. Anywho, this contraption wraps gently around their snout and connects at the back of their head. When they put tension on the leash, it puts pressure around their muzzle, which is apparently how dogs correct other dogs. They both walk so well now, it's a miracle.)

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a chick named Toni... said...

Sarah I am so sorry to hear about you hurting yourself! I sure hope you mend up quickly!