Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time Waster Extraordinaire

Sooo...I'm really bored. There's only so much sittin' around one can do without going completely stir crazy. I've spent so much time on the couch since last Friday, I think there's a permanent indention where my booty's been. I just haven't been able to get comfortable in any other position. Even sitting at the computer with my leg propped up beside me isn't great, but I've felt the need to see a different size of glowing screen from time to time. Today I am going to push past it and find some way to sit in my scrapbook room. I've been home for almost 2 weeks and haven't done a lick of scrapbooking! Mind you, the first week I wasn't exactly in the mood, if you get my drift, and then more recently I've been solely horizontal. But today I will find a way.

In the meantime, here are a few of the things I've run across that I might not have, had I been actually productive. (Hey, I DID run the vacuum yesterday because my friend Angie was coming over to watch movies with me. It wasn't the greatest attempt, but I'm still gimpy.)

I never knew we had so many television channels. It's really insane. But after a while, it becomes almost therapeutic to just surf up and down the lists of options telling yourself, "Look! You shouldn't be bored! Look at all of the adventures that await you!" Well, while doing this the other day I ran across a channel called "Fine Living," which I've never watched because I have no delusions of my "living" ever becoming "fine." But the show was called, "Whatever, Martha!" and it was these two women, watching OLD clips of Martha Stewart's TV show, making fun of her! I was hooked immediately! It's like Mystery Science Theater 3000, except instead of dissecting bad Sci-fi films, they're picking on Martha's perfectionistic tendencies and unrealistic project ideas. The concept became even MORE exciting to me when I found out that one of the hosts is Martha's own daughter! Alexis Stewart! (I'd never heard of her, either.) What a great peek into what it must be like to live in the shadow of the world's super-homemaker! I imagined that they must have had a huge falling out and now Alexis had made it her life's mission to expose the lies behind the Martha empire. How scandalous! How intriguing! How about a clip? :)

Well, that whole theory fell apart when I discovered that their show is actually sponsored by Martha Stewart Living . Bleh. Not nearly as fun. But I guess that could just be another way Martha is trying to control her poor daughter's life, right? Yeah, that adds the scandal right back in there. We'll roll with that scenario. If you get the Fine Living channel, you should totally check it out.

Now for a couple of websites you absolutely must check out. This first one was sent to me on Facebook and I spent a good 15 minutes just laughing out loud. Click on it, you'll understand. Upside Down Dogs. Really, click on it.

Secondly, a website for my scrappy friends. It's possible you've already discovered this blog and if you have, I'm mad at you for never showing ME! You know how completely out of the loop I can be! Help a sister out! :) It's called Pencil Lines and it's fully dedicated to scrapbook sketches! You all know how much I loooove sketches!! It's fantastic. Lot's of different styles to show how much variety one sketch can bring. Enjoy!

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Michelle said...

I have never seen that site either! Very cool! Almost has me getting up from in front of the 'puter and going over to scrap!
Sorry about "hanging up" on you! I heard my phone make a strangled beep noise and then looked at the screen to see "Good-bye" scrolling across!