Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is this what a hangover feels like?

I am amazed at the amount of "leftover substances" that are just hanging around peoples houses! Within 20 minutes of hearing about my plight, I had offers for both Percocet and Loritab. It's like my own personal little pharmacy. *haha* My good friend Courtney brought the Loritab by last night, including the "buddy" medication for nausea that came along with it. Oh goody! That was around 6pm, so I took one immediately and then then took 1 1/2 around midnight. Well that zonked me out GOOD! (Probably a good thing I didn't take 2 whole pills.) I can only imagine the kind of incoherent babbling I would have come up with had I been roused for any reason. I vaguely remember Jeremy coming in around 7:30am to let the dogs out...and I didn't even stir again until 11:00. I was OUT. And when I finally did wake up, I felt like my head was floating in a fishbowl and my eyes were moving involuntarily. Whoa, dude. Somebody make the room stop spinning!

My hubby brought home some "non-narcotic" painkillers he picked up at the jail's clinic for me to use this afternoon so I wouldn't spend the whole day sleeping. (Which is important, so I can continue with the important activities I participated in watching a mini-marathon of "What Not To Wear" and three straight DVR'd episodes of "Top Design." I'm fully aware that neither I nor my house has any style.) So now I've popped a Motrin 600...but I'm STILL groggy!!! Let's put it this way...I got out of bed at 11:00am, it's right not 2:30pm, and I've already taken about an hour nap. *haha* I guess that's one way to rest an ankle. Just sleep through life!!!

As for the ankle, it's feeling a bit better. Not throbbing as much when I'm just sitting. Getting around is still painful (and awkward) but as you can see I haven't been doing much of that. I think I'll go eat some lunch, watch some more tv, maybe take another nap...and then it will be time for more Motrin! WooHoo! ;)

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Monica said...

Yay for another "What Not to Wear" fan. LOVE that hubby despises it though so I catch when he's not around to commandeer the remote. And hey, didn't the Dillon's deli get you sick several weeks ago? Because it got Aaron last night, poor guy. Ugh. I have heard more horror stories lately about people and food from there, I think we won't be getting anymore food from them.

And ohhhhh Loritab. I honestly would prefer the pain to the nausea that ensues after popping a Loritab. I have totally and completely sworn off that stuff. NEVER. Glad it helped you out though.