Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snap, Crackle, POP!

Last night as I was waddling to the door to let the dogs out, I put some weight on my ankle and felt a pop-POP! At first I freaked out thinking, "Ooooh no! What did I just do? I should have been wearing my boot!!" until I realized that it didn't hurt, but actually felt really good. Really really good. Like in a chiropractor-popped-just-the-right-spot kinda good. I'm thinking maybe something had popped out of place when I fell and that's the snapping noise I heard. 'Course, I'm no doctor. This is just my best attempt at a self-diagnosis.

Anywho, this morning it is still very sore and even tender to the touch, but more in the muscles than the bones. (AGAIN, much like after you leave the chiropractor.) I can walk on it a little better, but I don't have a full range of motion. I'm still hobblin', that's for sure.

At some point today I'll probably strap on my boot and have Jeremy take me somewhere. I don't care where, I'm just so stir-crazy I need to get out and see street and sky. And I certainly can't drive myself anywhere, so I'll need taxi'd. :)

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