Friday, October 17, 2008

One year later....

In October 2007, our family visited Cox Farms and enjoyed their corn maze, petting zoo and pumpkin patch. The kiddos (Livvie plus my cousin's children Jovan and Juliana. Lauren was very pregnant with Jackson at this point but he hadn't made his debut. *hehe* It's so strange to imagine a world without that little cutie!!) were SO cute to watch, just at the right age to begin understanding it all. It was such a beautiful Fall day...what a wonderful memory to look back on.

And now, exactly a year later, I'm scrapbooking these events! (Note: this by no means implies that I am caught up with every picture taken before or since then. It just means I was in the mood to do Autumn pages. Ok?)

I still haven't figured out how to photograph and crop these layouts properly. They're crooked in the photos EVERY TIME I shoot them, so then when I crop out the background, part of it still slips in. (The dark orange seeping in the corners of these layouts is my awesome couch, just so you know.)
This first page is actually the last one I did yesterday. I was struggling, trying to take these photos and stretch them into a 2-page layout. I just couldn't find a placement I really liked. So I stopped and thought, "Why not just do one page?" *GASP* I can't remember the last time I did a single page layout. Um..actually, yes I can. It was before I started working at Scrapbook Garden. Once I began talking to those scrappers, they informed me that you "must" have a double page layout or it won't look right in the scrapbook. I fell for it and started doing 2 page layouts for every set of pictures. Well, as I sat there considering the influences that had changed my opinion on this matter, I decided it was time to "breakaway" from that and try something new! What a liberating experience! I'm sad because the photo doesn't do it justice. It's really much, much cuter in person. The papers are Bo Bunny and Basic Grey and the little embellishments are from an amazing pack K&Company makes.

Again, I'm sorely disappointed with this photo/crop job, but oh well. Paper is all Basic Grey with more of those K&Company die cuts thrown in. They have little hints of metallic on them but you can't see that here. I love the picture of my mom and dad, the "toddler paparazzi." Jovan and Juliana are the cuties in the matching pumpkin sweaters and of course Livvie's the one in the black shirt. I can't believe how much her hair has come in over the past year. She's really changed so quickly.

This is made from nothing but Bo Bunny products. (You know, the more I type that name the more I realize it's completely ridiculous. BO Bunny? I mean, c'mon! Whatever.) This is their Fall line from last year. I'm so glad I bought it back then because their newer collection isn't nearly as nice. I also really enjoyed using this Double Dot cardstock from them. Makes me wish I had all the colors. It's just an extra punch above regular cardstock!

I decided to step away from Autumn colors for this one so I could use the Karen Foster petting zoo stickers I've had forever and a day. The layout is practically a direct scraplift from one of my Scrapbooks Etc. magazines. More Double Dot cardstock...LOVE that stuff! :) I also just love the picture of Juliana next to the Llama. She looks so tiny!

Well as you can see, I got a lot done yesterday. It was a nice feeling to actually accomplish something. I didn't feel like I wasted the day. I'm going to try and do some more today, if the creativity will just continue to flow.

Thanks for looking! Happy Friday!


Nikki said...

I love it! I am glad you were able to breakaway. I have started doing more single page layouts as well. You just have to put things in order before you complete the album.

a chick named Toni... said...

I love your layouts they are great! And I am so excited to say that we are taking the girls and our godson to Cox Farms tomorrow! Looks like you had a great time, I can't wait!!!

Michelle said...

Beautiful pages! But I've never seen any of your pages that I didn't like! And I've never believed in that "hafta have double page" theory myself! One of the perks of being "old" I guess, you really start not caring what "they" think! Also why I have no problem "bustin' a move" in front of my PEEPS or my kids! ;-)