Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My wardrobe = What Not To Wear

One of the first thoughts that crossed my mind after losing my job with Scrapbook Garden was, "Aw crap, I'm gonna have to buy new clothes!!!" It's true, I was allowed to dress pretty casually there and I got to hide behind that apron. Let's be honest, I've turned into a shlub. (Yes a shlub. I'm ignoring the spellchecker and pretending it's a word anyway.)

Though I had great success earlier in the year with losing weight and dropping a size, I've gone back to bad habits and those clothes don't fit anymore. And I've kept telling myself, "Once I lose that weight again, I'll buy some clothes." Well if I've heard Stacey and Clinton say it once, I've heard it a thousand times: "Dress the body you're in NOW." I've seen a dozen women on that show who are walking around like slobs because they don't want to invest in a new wardrobe until they're at their perfect body size. Well let's be honest, how many of us actually have success with that?

I hate shopping for clothes, not just because I have a poor body image, but also because I have no personal style. I'll look at clothes on the rack and think, "That looks like so-and-so." or "Oh that would be really cute on her..." But rarely do I see things and think, "Oh that's SO ME!" And if I do, it's usually in the toddler section so it's not in my size. *haha* You all know my love of bright colors, but I can't go around dressed like a piece of scrapbook paper. I'll look like a clown!

I'm also kind of in between. I'm certainly no teenager, but I also don't feel like I should be dressing like a "mommy" yet since I'm NOT a mommy. I'm not really a professional sort of person, but I know my t-shirt and jeans selection isn't appropriate for all situations. As I type this, I'm thinking I've heard this exact argument out of many a guest on "What Not To Wear" and I'm trying to remember what Stacey and Clinton told THOSE whiners. (Seriously, if someone would just please set me up to be on that show, it would solve all of my problems. I can put up with the evil mirror and their cruel comments about my wardrobe. Heck, I'll join in! "You're right, these jeans ARE horrible. Let's get me some new ones!" It would be worth it for the shopping spree in NYC and the overall makeover. I could totally handle it.)

So today I'm embarking on a little shopping journey. I have to get some nicer things so I can begin applying for jobs and hopefully interviewing as well. I'm feeling optimistic this morning, but I know by mid-afternoon these hips will have knocked this Pollyanna right back into reality. Wish me luck. I'm gonna NEEEEED IT!


Kimpossible said...

Oh Sarah, I always know Im in for a great laugh when I read your posts!!! I totally feel your pain!! I too hate to shop for clothes, especially dress clothes. I just dont see any of them on ME. I wear jeans and t-shirts to work everyday so I know about the shlub thing. If Clinton and Stacy came to my house I would have to borrow something to wear just to go shopping!!!

You have all of my sympathies. But dont let it get you down, go forth and shop sista!!

Mary said...

Not that I am a fashionista, but, here are some basics.

1. Any neutral pair of pants. Ones that have straight legs, not tapered, or bell, but from hip to toe the same width. A basic black or gray would look good on you. Pair those with a bright colored shirt with a collar or perhaps a print shirt.
Next chose a blazer, in another neutral color, even denim. Just make sure it has some structure and nips in at the waist.

You can do this. You watch the show. That's where all these tips are coming from.

If the hips get to you, chose a skirt that flairs out just a little. A-line skirts flatter everyone!

I can difinitely see you in a skirt with a print top, with a cammie, and a jacket. Cute jewelry that is you and you have it girl.

Go forth and shop!