Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Very Jonas Christmas?

After months of wondering and waiting, I've finally found a list of who will be performing at the lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.  Among the talent for the evening? The Jonas Brothers. Heaven help us.

Don't get me wrong. I happen to like the Jonas Bro's. I even have their first CD on my workout playlist on my iPOD (which means I never listen to it *haha*).  And if I were about 10 years younger (or single) I'd probably be DYING to go to one of their concerts. But, when I read they would be there, my first and only thought was, "Great. Now the crowd will be tripled and the average age will drop dramatically." Let's face it, the Jonas Brothers are about the hottest thing out there right now. And you know that about a billion little girls that live anywhere CLOSE to that vicinity (and even the spoiled ones that live nowhere near) are gonna make their way out in the cold that night just to see those curly-headed boys in their skinny jeans. Again, Heaven help us. :)

I AM excited, however, because David Cook will be among the performers that evening, and even though he's wearing eye liner in his latest promo picture, I did vote for him as American Idol and I think he's got an awesome voice. So that will be exciting. Again, not that we'll be anywhere close enough to HEAR him (or be able to hear anything above the echoes of preteen screaming) but it's the thought that counts. Harry Connick Jr. is also supposed to be there and even though I can't stand him as an actor, I LOVE his music so that's exciting too!

Beyonce' will also be there, as well as Tony Bennet, Faith Hill and Rascall Flatts.  I'm definitely going to DVR the whole event, since we'll probably be so far back that we won't be able to see or hear a thing. But I LOVES me a big crowd and I LOVES me a big Christmas the whole experience is sure to be a thrill!

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