Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All I Have to Do is Dream...

Does anyone else ever wish they could record their dreams to watch them back later?  I will often wake up from a dream and while it's fresh in my mind I reflect on the details and "characters," but then the next morning they're almost completely wiped away! It's sad that something my imagination works so hard creating can be forgotten so easily. *haha*

Last night I had two particularly "memorable" dreams that I wish I could see once more. One of them was more like a movie than a dream...but of course I ended up as a main character. Isn't that how it always works? :)  I would like to go back and take a look at the other people in the dream. Do you ever wonder HOW your imagination can just make people up from scratch?  Or maybe you only dream about people you know? I constantly am dreaming of people I've never seen before...and I'd love to be able to study them more closely and figure out if I'm morphing multiple real-life faces together or if my imagination is just that awesome. ;)

The other dream from last night was particularly humorous. Jeremy and I were at some public place waiting on something, maybe an airport or a bus station? We left our belongings unattended (which as you know you're NEVER supposed to do) and when we came back I went to use my laptop and it WAS NOT my laptop! This one was old and nasty and scratched up all over, and of course mine is still quite new. Well, I was able to immediately make the logical leap that someone must have switched their old awful laptop for mine!! What a crime! *hahaha* I also somehow figured out who had done it and he said, "Ok fine, here's your laptop back." But that one wasn't my laptop either! I think I remember this going on a few times until I was so aggravated, I restrained the fella (all by myself...where did Jeremy go? *haha*) and called the cops! Over the phone they told me there was nothing they could do until I paid a hefty fee (Is this really what my subconscious thinks of our legal system?) so I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I started to interrogate him, aka - beat the SNOT out of the guy! It's hilarious to think back on, but in my dream I remember feeling so angry and just letting it rip! I'd shake him by the neck and scream, "WHERE IS MY LAPTOP?!?!?" *hahaha* As if he were holding on to some national security secret or something. All this and I didn't even watch last season of 24. Think of how much worse this could have been? ;) I don't remember if I ever got my stupid laptop back or not, but when I woke up I felt pretty ashamed of myself. Even though I didn't actually beat anyone up, the fact that I felt this passionately about a hunk of metal is ridiculous. 

This afternoon I went to my eye doctor to see their Optometrist. She adjusted my frames and I'm seeing much better now.  She told me that these new frames had much more of a curve to them and that's why I felt like I was looking through a fishbowl. I still don't feel like I"m seeing perfectly but it's MUCH better. She wants me to wear them till Friday and if I'm not happy with them by then we'll look at the prescription again. 

Before I go I have to mention - have you ever tried Pringle's Stix? 

I just picked up some pizza flavored ones at Target with Jeremy in mind, but decided I'd try some for an afternoon snack. They're REALLY good!! Crunchy and flavorful and even low cal. I had a pack with a cheese stick and it was a nice little treat! :) I think I'll try the honey ones next time.  Yum!

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