Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A-Shopping We Did Go!

Our clothing budget for Fall/Winter is now totally blown. As you know I went on a mini shopping spree not too long ago. Well yesterday Jeremy and I went shopping for HIM. He was in worse need of clothes than even I was. When we went through his side of the closet, we were finding t-shirts that he wore when we first met...almost 10 years ago! Most were faded, stretched out, or too snug. The man just needed clothes. So we hit the sales at Sears and JC Penney and now he's set for the seasons ahead.

And naturally I couldn't be in the mall without picking up something for myself! Back when I was employed *sigh* I was setting aside a little money each week in a New York fund. I didn't know then what I would end up using it for, but recently I decided I wanted to get a dress or something fairly formal to wear to the theater or out to a nice dinner.  (I've read that most places in the city have relaxed their dress codes, but it's still part of the experience that I wanted to have, y'know?) Well I tried on a bunch of dresses yesterday and none of them were...how do I put this...forgiving? Clingy, drapey fabrics just really reveal every flaw in every spot. I was getting depressed, but then I found this "little black dress" on the clearance rack. It was a size smaller than I've been wearing recently but I grabbed it up with a handful of others just to try.  And it ended up fitting PERFECTLY!! I was amazed. It's extremely flattering and much, much more forgiving than the other dresses I'd tried on. Actually, it follows "the rules" I'm sure Stacy and Clinton would have given me...it's kind of an empire waist with beading and then a v-neckline to elongate the neck. I was unsure of the neck at first, actually. It's lower than anything I've ever owned. But it's still very modest and Jeremy approved...and I know for sure he wouldn't let me leave the house looking like a hoochie. *haha*

Well owning a fancier dress than I've ever owned called for something else I didn't have...heels. I have never owned a pair of heels. I know, how can I even call myself a woman, right? But here's the deal. I started dating Jeremy when I was only 16...and I kind of swore off heels and other high shoes at that point because I didn't want to tower over him. That's the excuse I've used, anyway. They're just really not that comfortable and you know it! 

So I went to Payless since they always kindly accommodate my wide feet. :) This is the first pair I tried on: 

and like I dummy I tried it on my right foot first and almost fell over in pain. I don't know why I didn't think about it sooner but my ankle still hurts when I point my foot. And what does a high heel make you do? DUH! These were just too extreme. So after trying on a few others that hurt like the dickens, I found these:

The heel isn't as skinny or as high...and I know it's not a pointed toe so Stacy and Clinton wouldn't approve (*haha* I can't tell you how tired Jeremy got of my What Not To Wear references yesterday) but they're HEELS and I figure they're a good starting point! Now I need to start wearing them around the house so I can get used to them. So if you come over some afternoon and I'm cleaning the windows in jammies and heels, you'll know why. *haha* 

Oh, so my dress was on clearance and reduced beyond that because it was missing a few beads (anyone wanna help me with that? *hint hint*) and my heels were on sale too, so I got my whole fancy-shmancy little outfit and STILL have stash money leftover. I love bargains. :)


~Samantha said...

I own a pair of the heels you bought...well not exactly the same but almost identical...I bought them in brown and love them so much that I went back and bought them in black. They are by far the most comfortable heels I've ever worn..a lot more comfy than the patent leather mauve ones I'm wearing today to add a splash of color to my jeans and whitish top :)

Michelle said...

Very smart shopping there, Miss Sarah! I just got Clinton's "Freakin' Fabulous" book from the library. Mark just shook his head at me when I showed it to him!

I'm not a "heels" kinda gal either. Not sure how I ended up with Imelda as a daughter!

I can't wait to hear about all your NY adventures!

Krissy said...

I have the SAME shoes in Brown...(same as Sam) and I love them too!

(Richard needed new dress shoes for work and I couldn't let a perfectly good BOGO1/2 go unused ;))

Nikki said...

I am so jealous. Everytime I try to find great deals they don't have my size. With all the comments about the shoes I may have to take a look at them.