Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time for Joy and Time for Cheer!

 Jeremy is a big ol' stickler about waiting to acknowledge the Christmas season until AFTER Thanksgiving. This is something I've had to honor since he came into my life almost 10 years ago. At first I had a lot of trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that Thanksgiving needed "the respect" of sole recognition, and it's hard, because in my family the house was always fully decorated by at least the week of Turkey day. 

So while I try not to shove anything red & green down his throat, I usually begin listening to Christmas music during my "me time" by at least mid-November.  (And now department stores and radio stations have caught the fever...they're on the schedule our family has been on for years! *haha*) And I've been known to pull out my favorite Seasonal movies or cartoons early too, so I can fit in at least a couple of viewings before the end of December. :)

Well, the other day I was at the kitchen table editing some photos on my laptop while listening to a Christmas station on iTUNES. (Did you know iTUNES had "radio" stations? They're pretty spiffy. I found at least a dozen that play nothing but Christmas music, 24/7.) Jeremy woke up earlier than I'd expected (he sleeps days since he works 3rd shift, for those of you not familiar with his schedule). He showered and came into the kitchen to get something to eat and I didn't shut the Christmas music off...I wondered if he'd say something. Well he didn't and we even proceeded to sit together, eat, talk and surf the net...all to a soundtrack of jingle bells and Bing Crosby. Finally after a few hours, I mentioned something to the effect of, "I'm surprised you haven't said anything about the Christmassy music!" He shrugged and said, "I don't know, I'm more open to it this year." I dug deeper and we decided that it must be because of this upcoming to New York. We both kind of feel like we need to be in the Christmas Spirit BEFORE we get we can hit the ground running. 

So even before we get there, this trip is giving me a wonderful Christmas season and a more "jolly" husband! *haha*  HO HO HO!

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