Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Movie Madness

With our trip to NYC quickly approaching, it seems our to-do list is growing. We (*ahem* JEREMY) needs to figure out the map and subway system so we'll have a better idea of how to get around in the city. We need to see if the stuff we're packing will fit into just one suitcase a piece since our airline is one of the peaches that charges $50 for a second bag. Geez! (We have one huge bag but it will almost definitely weigh too much when filled to capacity, and that would get us charged too.)

One of the things I've added to the list might seem silly to others but to me, it's paramount.  I have gathered a stack of movies that are set in New York that I feel we MUST watch before we leave. Initially when I had the thought, I didn't realize how many of my favorite movies are set in New York City! There are a TON! I guess that's why I've been so indoctrinated to love that city. I already have so many "memories" surrounding that place. ;) And basically, in order to watch all of the movies I've gathered before we go, we'll need to watch one a night from here on. *haha* 

Last night we watched You've Got Mail, one of my all-time favorite movies period, and the first movie that made me really think I wanted to live in NYC. Their portrayal of the city is so warm and cozy and romantic...*sigh* I love it. Then we popped in Hitch, which has a lot of great landmarks in it, including Ellis Island and the Museum of Natural History. I'm ashamed to say I dozed off mid-way through that one, but I'm still checking it off my list. *hehe* 

Other movies in the stack include Enchanted, Big, Kate & Leopold, Serendipity and Independence Day (What's more fun than watching a city you're about to visit be destroyed by aliens? Nothing!) And of course, since we'll be there for Christmas festivities, it's imperative that we watch Miracle on 34th Street and Elf. IMPERATIVE I say. 

And then there are the sentimental favorites from my childhood. Newsies, which was filmed entirely on a soundstage in California yet I completely associate that film with my obsession of NYC.  And last but MOST important of all, On The Town, a Gene Kelly musical I discovered as a little girl and have loved ever since. I used to pretend one of my Barbies was Vera Ellen (she's also one of the sisters in White Christmas. I LOVE HER!) and this movie is responsible for my love of Sailor suits. :) It's important that Jeremy watches it with me again, because though he's seen it once, there's a good chance I'll be walking around singing the songs from this movie and he needs to be able to join in. (Yeah right.)  OH! And this is also one of the movies I was thinking of when I referenced Gene Kelly dance scenes after seeing HSM3...you know, with the unrealistic scenery? There's a scene where Mr. Kelly dances around a "fake" New York and it's bright and fantasy-like. So charming. I loves it. :)


(There's no Vera Ellen in this clip....but this is most likely the song I'll be singing for a week straight. *hehe*)

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Monica said...

"Elf" is hands-down the best movie ever. I could watch it a million zillion times each Christmas season and not get the least bit tired of it. I. Love. It.
(and I'm not even a movie person...)