Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Better late than never!

In the afternoon I headed up to my Dad's office with practically the whole family (Jeremy didn't come...he was sleeping.). They did a trick-or-treat thing for the kids where everyone passed out candy from their offices and cubicles. Livvie got such a kick out of it. By the end she had memorized the whole routine.
"Trick or Treat!" - take a piece of candy...or two or three if no one stopped her
"Thank you!" (as I've said before, you WILL NOT find a more polite 3 yr old)
"Happy Halloween!" as we walked away to the next office.
It was bittersweet watching Olivia collect the candy, carefully picking out which piece she would add to her collection. She can't eat any of it, remember, because of her allergies. Lauren, being the brilliant supermom she is, brought some "Livvie-safe" candy and treats along and switched them out when she wasn't paying attention. This is probably the only time that routine will work, however, as next year I imagine her saying, "Hey! Where's that pack of Skittles I picked up?" or "Wasn't there a purple lollipop in here?" But it certainly worked this year. She got the experience of trick-or-treating and enjoyed snacking on her treats that won't make her sick.
And Jackson...well he was just as smiley as always. No candy for him this year, but someone was passing out rubber duckies and that kept him occupied the whole time.
Poor li'l guy...he was dressed for REAL Halloween weather, not the 75 degree day we had. He was sweatin' up a storm in that cuddly lion costume. But he sure looked cute, didn't he?
For those of you who are thinking that Livvie is just your run-of-the-mill, everyday clown, you're mistaken! She's JoJo the Clown from the Disney chennel! And JoJo has a pet lion named Goliath...and that's what Jack was dressed up as! See? Pretty cute!
And just a few more pictures...cause if you can't tell I kinda like these kids. *haha*
That last one is my favorite! Isn't it great? I told Lauren it looks like she had posed him that way, like he's saying, "What a HUGE pumpkin!" *haha*

Then that evening I went to our church's Festival and Trunk or Treat event. Every year our Young Married's group hosts a trunk, and this year we did an 80's theme. It was fun to shop for the costume and apply gobs and gobs of makeup.
I look amazing, yes? Well wait till you see the pants. *haha*
Steve and Sonna Ludlow came as some 80's pop culture icons. Can you guess what they are? (By the way, I have no idea why this text is being underlined and I can't make it stop!! *grrrr*)
Angie was another 80's fashion victim, like myself, but Casey wanted to go all out and come as Beetlejuice. The suit was so clever...just a black suit with white duct tape on it! BRILLIANT! :)
Angie is a talented gal, and she painted this huge TV screen/Atari/Bean-bag game for the kids to play. It was a hit! None of the kids understood what it was or why we were dressed the way we were, but all the parents got a kick out of it!
Pretty amazing, I know. Oh, and here you can see my pants a little better...what no one could see was that they went almost up to my armpits. Nice pants! *haha*


Michelle said...

He looks like he's saying "LOOK! There really IS a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" Too cute!

Kimpossible said...

OMG Sarah they are the cutest little kiddos ever!!! Those costumes are the best! Did someone make them? Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures with us. Loved your costume, like totally! The other ones were too funny also. Looks like you all had a great time!