Sunday, November 2, 2008

Missin' my boy...and other musings

Jeremy is gone on a four day backpacking trip with a friend, doing manly, sleep outside and hike long distances kinds of things. I don't begrudge his adventure, but I do miss him. I know from the time he did this previously that he probably won't have cell phone coverage the entire time he's gone. This STINKS. It's not even that I need a 20 minute conversation....I just would like to be able to text him to make sure he's alive. Y'know?  Like this:
Me: "Hey babe, how's it going?"
Him: "Good, how are things there?"
Me: "Fine. I miss you lot's and love you bunches."
Him: "I love you too."

I'm fairly low maintenance. I just need contact, that's all!! He's coming back Tuesday, so I guess I'll have to wait till he's driving home to get a call or text.

~Subject Changer!~

Have I ever mentioned Etsy on here? I love's it. It's amazing. I could spend hours just browsing around and gawking at how talented other people are. If you're not familiar with it, Etsy is a website for people to sell their handcrafted items. That could mean anything from scarves or handbags to paintings or jewelry. It's fascinating!! I've yet to order something but from what I've read on the site it's really easy. It seems like a great way for artists and other such crafty people to sell their stuff and be appreciated for their talents!!  Just yesterday I discovered these amazing die cuts from this seller:

And I have found MULTIPLE purses I would be glad to carry...

That last one is my favorite. Doesn't it just LOOK like it needs to be dangling from my arm? I think it would look awfully cute while I'm wearing my hot pink coat with a bright scarf as I'm walking the streets of New York City in December. Hmmmm.... :)

SPEAKING of NYC, look what I also found on Etsy! They're buttons! (Don't know why but Blogger won't let me add the actual picture. Naughty Bloggers!) Aren't they darling? I definitely need them for my scrapbook...or for  something. I just need them, ok?

Speaking of needs, I've been needing for months to get my hands on a copy of "Penelope."
Well yesterday I was at Blockbuster picking up some movies to help pass my lonely husbandless nights (*hehe*) and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a copy on the "Previously Viewed: 3 for $20" rack!! If I had been with someone who cared, rather than all alone, I would have squealed with glee and danced a happy jig. Instead I just snatched it up as if someone else might take it (even though there were probably 6 copies sitting there) and admired it like a long lost favorite toy. It really is such a wonderful little movie. I think it will end up one of those DVD's that I pop in frequently while scrapbooking. The colors, sets, costumes and overall feel of the movie are so whimsical and inspiring. *sigh* I can't wait to watch it again!

Then I had the task of finding two other movies to buy in order to take advantage of the 3 for $20 deal. I don't know if you've watched any movies recently, but the pickin's of something I actually wanted to OWN were slim. I seriously considered just buying something I hadn't seen, since it would almost be the same price as a rental. In the end I purchased "Cloverfield," which I enjoyed in the theater because it was so unique but wouldn't have purchased otherwise since I'm not sure how it will fare on the smaller screen...and "High School Musical 2." The worst of the "trilogy," in my opinion, but I needed a third movie people!

Oh yeah, on that note, I guess I have a confession to make. I went to see "High School Musical 3" yesterday afternoon. Not much of a confession, except that I am 25 and I went by myself. It's sort of pathetic. But I knew Jeremy would never go with me and there were no children in sight to seemed like an acceptable thing to do on afternoon to myself. 

I also confess, I enjoyed it. Other than some unbearably cheesy dance scenes involving mainly Zac Efron (sorry, but if I see him jump up and land in a squat with his fists clenched one more time...) I thought it was really well done. You could definitely tell their budget increased A LOT and the production value was just so much higher. There were also some scenes that reminded me of old Gene Kelly movies where they were dancing around unashamedly FAKE look scenery but it was so charming it made me smile. I loves me a musical, folks. 

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Michelle said...

Katie was thrilled for you and kept asking "Did she like it? Did she like it?" I kept saying "I'm reading, hold on!"