Friday, November 14, 2008

Top Eight's

So, I didn't get tagged to do this, but I was blog-stalking...I MEAN blog-hopping and I found this fun little Top 8's list and I want to do it. I love lists. Not the meaningful, goal-oriented, stuff I need to get done so my life will be better kinds of lists. But the completely pointless, random, these are my favorite flavors of pudding kinds of lists. Those I'm all for. (And it's banana, vanilla, white chocolate and dulce de leche, since I know you're curious. Yes, in that order. I used to like butterscotch until we saw a kid at a Wendy's salad bar lick the spoon from the butterscotch pudding and then stick it back in, so now I have an aversion to the stuff, even though all other butterscotch pudding is innocent and truly unrelated to this horrendous crime that happened like 18 years ago. *sigh* Stupid kid.)

Note: The rest of these will NOT be in any order. That's just too much to commit to.

1. Project Runway
2. So You Think You Can Dance
3. DogTown
4. Seinfeld
5. Prison Break
6. Lost
7. Fringe
8. What Not To Wear

1. On The Border
2. Chili's
3. Emperor's Grill
4. P.F. Chang's (or Pei-Wei)
5. El Chico (Which we don't have here anymore *pout*)
6. Chick-fil-a (Which we only have in WSU's foodcourt *whine*)
7. Bishop's (Yes, the Senior Citzen buffet extravaganza. I like their mac&cheese ok?)
8. Texas Roadhouse

1. Bought my fancy li'l black dress and my first pair of heels
2. Started getting down to the nitty gritty planning our trip to NYC
3. Went to Mom's house yesterday to get my hair trimmed and have her sew some bead onto my new dress
4. Downloaded some Christmas music off iTUNES and have already listened to most of it. (NO it's not too early. Shuddup.)
5. I've taken the dogs on a walk every day this week...except the day it rained. So almost every day.
6. Took some clothes to a tailor to be hemmed: pants for Jeremy, jackets for me.
7. Got my glasses adjusted on Wednesday (but my right eye is STILL blurry, gonna have to get that taken care of.)
8. Going to see Bond tonight with the hubby! (I know technically that hasn't happened yet, but gimme a break, my week was pretty boring!!) 

1. Thanksgiving! Yumma-lumma!
2. LEAVING FOR NEW YORK! December 2nd can't get here fast enough!
3. The lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center!
4. Phantom of the Opera!! Ohmagoodness ohmagoodness ohmagoodness!
5. Eating way too much "New York Style" cheesecake, hotdogs and pizza. Woo woo!
6. Walking the streets of New York City, sipping a cup of hot chocolate!
7.  Seeing Times Square, Central Park, Washington Square Park, Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park,  Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Flat Iron Building, lot's and lot's of buildings...and etc!
8. For Jeremy to wake up today so we can spend some time together and go to the movie!

1. "Sweater weather," I love the chill in the air!
2. Beautiful trees and leaves on the ground
3. It opens "Holiday Season!" Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years...I love this time of year!
4. It starts to get dark earlier. I don't know why, but that's exciting to me. It makes me really sentimental for family nights in the winter with stew and cornbread at a table lit with candles...and driving around Christmas shopping and looking at Christmas lights.  I guess I associate dark evenings with fun memories. :)
5. JEANS! Full-body clothing coverage!!! I feel like I look more stylish in the Fall and Winer. *haha*
6. Soup, stew, hot cider, cocoa and other great cold-weather treats
7. Pumpkins, hay bales, indian corn and mums
8. Snuggling on the couch with my hubby and doggies

Ok so just because I wasn't tagged to do this doesn't mean I can't tag someone ELSE! *haha* I tag:

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