Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Day Eve

STOMP is in town for a performance tonight and this afternoon they had a free show at Exploration Place which Lauren brought the kiddos to and I got to tag along. It was fun but way too short. They only did two songs and I could have watched them for a lot longer. I guess that was probably the wet peoples appetites and leave them wanting more so they would go buy concert tickets.  After the little show was over, we went inside and played in the museum for a while. I hadn't been there in a long time, and never with a kid, so it was fun to see through Livvie's eyes. She really likes all the interactive play areas. And Jack just likes any opportunity to get in on the action. 

Isn't Liv's outfit the CUTEST?!? It was soft and cozy...and that HAT! I could have just squeezed her to death.  

I am really looking forward to tomorrow's food, family and festivities! Mom is putting together quite a feast as always. I'm in charge of very important items such as cherry Jello (which is Jeremy's personal must-have) and rolls. Notice I'm doing the can't-screw-it-up-if-you-tried dishes? Yeah, that's me! :) My Aunt Sharon and cousin Jessica will be there too, with Jessica's kids Jovan and Juliana. They have so much fun with Livvie and Jack. They're such a great age range to be able to play together!

I can't wait to watch the Macy's Parade this year. I love it every year, but this year will be particularly thrilling, knowing that in just a few days I'll be walking down those same streets! AAAH! I'm so excited! In case you're not paying attention to my countdown, we're under 5 days till we leave! I almost have that sick-nervous-excited feeling whenever I think about it. You know, like a little spike in your adrenaline and your heart skips a beat? That's what I have. It could either be excitement or stress because now I have something particularly messy happening between now and then and I just don't know how it's going to get done.

Remember many months ago when I came back from IKEA with boxes of laminate flooring? Remember how we were going to rip out our entire main floor and put that stuff down? Yeah, well now that's scheduled to happen THIS WEEKEND!!! Aaaah! As in, we'll do it Friday, Saturday and probably Sunday, then Dear Lord PLEASE be done with it by Monday so we can clean up and pack! I'm a nervous wreck about it. I really don't wanna leave the house in shambles. If all goes well and we finish it, I'll be relieved to have it over with and be able to come home to the completed project and then begin to decorate for Christmas. But if we run out of time and leave the house in a big mess...well I won't be very happy. So here's hoping! Daddy's going to help us (he's actually the main reason we're doing it this weekend, since he's available) and we've had a couple of offers from friends from church too. So maybe if we get enough manpower behind it we can do it fast.

Here's a completely random, out of the blue product review. Have you seen those commercials for the dryer sheets Bounce now makes that supposedly have "beads of fragrance" or something in them that release all through the day, making your clothes practically BURST with freshness?? Well they don't work. I've been using them for almost a month and my clothes don't even smell straight from the dryer, let alone for a full day. So they get a big ol' BOO from this consumer! And I was so disappointed, because I really, really love the smell of dryer sheets and would love to smell like one all day long. *haha*

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