Sunday, March 1, 2009

I've got a headache...THIS BIG!

I think I've already established that stairs are not a friend of mine. (Exhibit A and Exhibit B) But today I found a whole new way to make them dangerous.

I was vacuuming the upper flight of stairs with the hose attachment. We live in a tri-level so there's a mini flight going up and another leading to the basement. I had just finished the upper level and was making my way downward.  Well the vacuum was sitting at the top of the stairs and I was hunched over, vigorously combing and brushing (because, as previously mentioned, my dogs shed and it ain't particularly easy to vacuum up their delightful assortment of hair). I initially had planned on moving the vacuum to the bottom of the stairs once I was midway through.  But I was so engrossed in the hair removal that I lost track of how far I'd gone.

Then all of the sudden....BAM! The entire 15lb vacuum (yes, I weighed it) came crashing down on top of my head. OUCH. I sprang to my feet and shouted "OOW! OWOWOWOWOW!!!" so that my sleeping husband would hear me and come to my rescue. (Poor guy, but honestly he needed to get up anyway.) My head was throbbing like mad and I think my vision was even a little blurry...but that was probably just because of the tears in my eyes. *pout*  In what seemed like ages later, Jeremy popped out of the bedroom with a "Wha'? What happened??"
"I pulled the vacuum down onto my head!"
"How did you do that??"
*overdramatic pulling motions* "I PULLED...THE VACUUM...DOWN...ONTO MY HEAD!"

He was so groggy, he really didn't get it. "How was your head lower than the vacuum?" *sigh* So I positioned the vacuum back at the top of the stairs and showed him exactly how it happened. His loving, gentle, caring response?

"Well that was retarded! Why were you doing it like that?" 

Thanks babe. Thanks a ton. That's really what I needed to hear right now. That kind of thing really should have been reserved for AT LEAST an hour or so later...or for me to say myself. *haha* Well he quickly realized the error of his ways (probably because of the piercing glare I gave him through my tears) and came and hugged me and apologized. Then we both kinda laughed...and he went and showered and came out in his "I Love My Wife" t-shirt. He's so cute. *haha*

I don't think I need to tell you that I have a massive headache and a goose egg about the size of my nose on the back of my head. They really should put a warning on the back of vacuums. (That way sane people like my husband would look at it and say, "Well that's stupid! Who the heck would do it like THAT?")


Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Ouch! And I'm sorry this made me laugh. Hope you are feeling better.

Michelle said...

So now would not be the time to tell you that the instructions that came with my Dyson DOES have a warning about positioning the vacuum in that manner?!? ;-)

Hope you're feeling better soon!

kilax said...

You poor thing! Aww :( Sometimes men don't know how to react. I know that is sexist to say, but I think it is mostly true. For example, if I get in my husbands way, he'll act like it's my fault if he runs into me and I get hurt, and won't say he's sorry. I talked to him about it, and he's gotten better. But I don't think it is instinct for them. ;)

On a side note, our vacuum cleaner is getting fixed right now, so of course I am noticing stuff that needs to be vacuumed ALL OVER THE HOUSE! I am jealous of you Sarah ;)

Kimpossible said...

Imagine the irony of someone who has such a problem with stairs living in a tri-level house with an abundance of what? Stairs! *LOL* Just kidding!!

I feel your pain today I fell over the gate that keeps my furry little lovelies from going downstairs to scare the bajesus out of Meg's Kiki. I almost fell down the stairs! **hahaha**

etta said...

Yikes! If it makes you feel any better, someone opened a door in my face once. I had a HUGE goose egg on my forehead and bruises all over my arms (walked into the corner). Ugh. It happened in public.

Ginger said...

I seriously have a pain in my side from laughing... almost fell out of my chair - thanks! :) I hope your headache goes away soon! Btw, Joe got to see you this morning and reported to me that you look GREAT - so good job! :) Keep it up! :)

a chick named Toni... said...

Man that sounds like something I would do! Hope you feel better soon. Jeremy sounds like Mike!

Ashley said...

Poor thing, I hope you didn't get a concussion!!

I had a headache on Sunday too....but due to different reasons.....that actually WERE retarded! LOL