Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Talking 'bout the car wash!"

C'mon sing it with me!

I think the fella's at Green Lantern Car Wash run when they see me comin'. Well, they would if I went there more. The problem begins (and ends) with these three little lovelies. 
They look innocent enough, don't they? Well they're really quite naughty. You see, they've joint together in an evil conspiracy to shed as much as possible when inside my car. I think they hold loose hairs in all day, only to release them upon entering my backseat.  It's terrible.

Now, some people would probably just stop taking them on rides. But that's really quite impossible. They love to "GO!" and I love to take them on walks in other areas besides our immediate surrounding neighborhood. Plus, my car has been deemed the official "dog vehicle," so whenever there's any vet runs or kennel drop-offs to be made, my car is chosen for the task. 

So whenever I pull into the line at the car wash, I feel a mix of extreme embarrassment and sick amusement. I watch the faces of whatever poor dude is assigned to vacuuming my car, then count the seconds before he calls for backup. Eventually there are two or three vacuums going at once. They scrub and they huff and they puff and they change nozzles...I feel so incredibly guilty that I think I should join them out there with a hose. No matter how long they go at it, though, they're never able to completely de-hair my car. And I would never, ever think to complain about that. I'm just thrilled that they can get the top two or three layers of hair out. *haha* (Ok it's not really THAT bad folks...)

Today, however, was a first. The manager approached me and said sheepishly, "Ma' that your little red Pontiac?" (It's a Pontiac Vibe, specifically. Isn't it cute??)
I cut him off before he even started, "Yes. I know it's bad, I'm sorry."
Him: "Well, we just weren't able to remove all the hair."
Me: "Oh I know! That's fine. That would be impossible."
Him: "They worked diligently but..."
Me: "I'm sure they did great! Don't even worry about it, I'm sure it's fine."
Him: "Well thanks for understanding, ma'am."
Me: "Thank you for your hard work!"

Then for some reason I felt the need to explain that I had three, all with different fur types and colors so my car was just bound to always look furry. (He probably thought, "Geez lady, I'd hate to see your house!" But really, I DO clean my house waaay more than I do my car. Really!) He told me that he has a "little dachshund" that likes to go for rides, so he understood. But I kinda doubt that he does. *haha*

Tonight I'm going to a crop with a bunch of gal-pals that I used to work with. I'm very excited to see them, but I haven't packed or prepared a single thing. The scrapbook bug that had bitten me so badly a few months ago seems to have died off (y'know, like a bee dies after it stings you? Great analogy, right?) I'm still way excited about all my neat goodies and supplies but for some reason I haven't felt very inspired to do anything except admire them. So here's hoping that I can actually get something done besides gabbing! 

P.S. Sorry about the lack of the premier Flashback Friday. Turns out that when my hubby got our wireless network all hooked up for my MacBook, he didn't connect the scanner. Soooo I couldn't do the photo portion of the Flashback, which I see as almost the whole point. I hope he'll get it set up soon. 


kilax said...

That's so nice that the manager actually apologized to you about it! Talk about great customer service! :)

Our cat doesn't shed much, but there are a few spots in the house he loves to lay and it takes me FOREVER to clean them :)

Heather Rose said...

Furry fiends! They're adorable. Not take them on rides?! Not an option. ^_^

a chick named Toni... said...

What a nice manager! That is seriously good customer service! Your pups are so cute!

Shannon said...

Aww haha those faces are totally forgivable!!

Shannon said...

Oh and ps? My work does a deshedding treatment that runs 55-85 bucks depending on the size of the dog and it works wonders. You should check with your local groomers!

etta said...

Ugh, we have three tiny dogs that shed. I actually think our female uses shedding as a defense mechanism.

PS -- I gave you an award!