Friday, February 27, 2009

Step it up

This is EXACTLY what I was talking about!!! How can anybody keep up with all these moves and spins and turns? It absolutely makes my head spin.


Kimpossible said...

Oh NO WAY!!! I think they are robots, where is the off switch? LOL.
I don't think that's humanly possible, nobody is THAT coordinated!! I'm tired just watching that clip! Well I can erase that one off my list. Nope no step aerobics for me. *haha*

etta said...

I am baffled by the fact that she went off and did a solo with the other two as backup dancers!

chrisandginny said...

Did I really hear her just say "not too bad, you can do it for sure!"... I would love to be the barista that's on HER way to work, 'cause I'd say that's about 7 espresso shots worth of crazy! :)

Ginger said...

I'm TOTALLY with you! My sis & I used to have memberships at Genesis and worked out together. Our favorite classes were hip-hop & Zumba! We ran in the mornings, but one morning thought we'd try the step aerobics class that was for "everyone" - yeah right! We were getting schooled by 60-yr old women that knew every step! Just when we thought we knew the step, super hyper psycho-leader lady would change it! We were so dizzy by the end it was ridiculous... and we didn't feel like we got a work out at all!!

Camevil said...

Clearly, they have contempt for the very people they are marketing it to.

She's a sadist!


kilax said...

Holy crap! Is that what your class was like? NO WAY I could do that!!!

I like how the people in workout videos are always super slim. I want to see someone who looks more like me!