Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just a Gym Rant

Something annoyed me to pieces tonight in my TurboKick class.  So much so, I need to blog about it. *haha*

This teeny tiny gym bunny that has been coming to the class for a couple weeks now showed up...with her big, muscly boyfriend. Which is totally fine. Guys show up to these classes all the time. Most of the time they never come back, because the classes I take involve a lot of choreography and they just can't seem to pick it up. But I don't mind if they're there. Especially if they're with their wife/girlfriend/someone that dragged them, because I've tried to convince Jeremy to join me in the past and he's refused. So I totally respect the fact they're giving it a try. 

Well they took the front & center position, directly behind the instructor.  When Aimee (the super peppy and tiny leader that I've complained about in the past, but am now growing to love...go figure!) began, the boyfriend just stood there. I thought, "Oh, well he's trying to figure out the moves and the rhythm before he begins." But he just...stand there. With his arms folded across his chest, staring blankly at Aimee, his girlfriend, and the rest of us. He didn't even ATTEMPT to do ANY of it! Not even the easy warm-up side steps or the punching type stuff that a dude should totally be able to handle! Occasionally he and his girl would exchange a laugh and some under-their-breathe conversation, but not once did he even try to get with the rest of the group. I couldn't tell if he was really just terrible at following directions or if he thought he was too cool for school or what.

This wouldn't have been such a big deal, but as I mentioned, they were standing at the very front of the group behind the leader so nobody behind her could really see. And there were several new ladies there tonight and I could tell they were getting flustered. Aimee is hard enough to follow when you CAN see her. *haha* Beyond that, it was just downright distracting. I kept thinking, "If I had brought Jeremy and saw that he was behaving that way, I would have hauled his booty to the back corner and continued the class from there. Front & center should be reserved for people that know their stuff, otherwise it really takes away from what the instructor is trying to teach. 

When we got to the "Turbo" portion, which is fast-paced and has us running all over the room, I muttered under my breath, "He better move or he's gonna get run over!" but that's as close as I came to confronting the situation. You know me, I'm totally non-confrontational. Plus, he was slightly intimidating, all pumped up and scowling. And Aimee was too busy sweating it up and calling out steps to do anything about it. I don't think he'll come back, but I'm going to have to control my thoughts when I see his stupid girlfriend again. (Oops, stupid? Well I guess I haven't started controlling them yet, have I? *hehe*)

And now that I've vented, I can sleep. :) G'night everybody!


Ashley said... he just STOOD there in the way and did nothing for like an hour?! What a tool. I would be embarrassed if he was my guy acting like that. I just don't get people sometimes. Did anyone else react to that?

Shannon said...

How annoying! That would really bother me.

etta said...

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe your crazy instructor didn't ask him to move!

chrisandginny said...

Ohhh that just puts a burr in my side! Anyone who thinks their better than everyone else does that to me though :) I would've had to hold myself back from slugging him in his dumb muscley stomach :)

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

I can't believe someone would go to an exercise class and just stand there -- especially at the front of the group. I'm surprised the instructor didn't say anything! How ridiculous!

Watching and Weighting said...

hahaha! what a doofus! i would not have been able tor estrain myself! I'd at LEAST have tried to sweat on him a teeny bit! MWAHAHAHA

you're a GOOD PERSON Sarah! xx

Kari said...

I think I just barfed a little in my mouth. Hmmm lets see...I'm guessing that she felt the need to drag him to class to show him off? which only made her AND him look look like a bunch of a$$es.
I've done the turbo kick classes and I can say that I would have been extremely annoyed at the situation. I'm confrontational as well so I would have let a few comments slip out during the workout. BUT I'm happy to say that I know without a doubt my instructor would have called him out on it FOR SURE!
Why even be there if your not going to try. It's just disrespectful for everyone there!!!
Next time make sure you stand beside him so when you do your side kicks you can aim for him!!!LOL

kilax said...

That would have really bothered me. Why would he want to stand there like that? Man, I CANNOT figure people out. I hope he doesn't come again. Or if he does, you ask him to move ;)