Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I read a book!

Yeah, so? I read a book. Big deal! But you don't understand...I NEVER read books! Well, that's not entirely true. I read devotional and Christian living books and my Bible...but I can't remember the last time I sat down to read a regular ol' book. So c'mon! Celebrate with me! *haha*

It's written by Shauna Reid, an Australian woman who weighed 351lbs by the time she was just 21. She started Weight Watchers in 2001 and decided to blog about her journey (dietgirl.org). (I actually first discovered her blog and that's how I found out she'd written this book.) She ended up losing half her body weight: 175lbs! 

Things I Loved About "DietGirl"

1. It's completely real. She's open and honest about her struggles and anxieties and obsessions. I may have never been as heavy, but I completely identified with almost everything about her. This whole unhealthy preoccupation with food...what can I eat, when I can eat it, I want more than that, when can I have seconds, is there any left, can I have some of yours, why isn't he finishing his, I think there's some chips still in the cabinet, ooh that ice cream on TV looks good I think I'll go get some...you probably get the point. 
Or the fact that with every approaching special occasion or vacation, the only thoughts in her head were of whatever foods were associated with that event or place. 
I also deal with the same insecurities and ridiculous self-loathing body image. ("After all this time, the days in which I like me and feel attractive are starting to outnumber the DIE You Fat Ugly Cow! days. I don't know what happened. I think I just decided to stop telling myself such rot all the time. I've wasted so much time convincing myself I am the rolypoly incarnation of the devil.")
I also particularly liked the part where she was explaining to someone that she didn't have a "sweet tooth" or a "savory tooth," but instead she had both. "I've got many teeth." *haha*
2. It shows the ups & downs. She didn't lose it all on the first attempt. She didn't even lose it all with Weight Watchers. It took many tries and there were a few times when she had to "restart" after gaining back some weight. 

3. Because she's Australian, she uses lot's of cute, unfamiliar words. I find myself wanting to use them too. (If you watch this clip of her on the Early Show, it's even more fun to read what she writes because you've got the accent in your head. I think she's just adorable.) She talks about clearing the cabinets of the "dodgy foods" that were tempting her, or feeling like "rubbish." And of course there's "bloody" this and "bloody" that. 

4. She has a wonderful writing style. SO easy to read that I was half-way through the book before I even knew what'd hit me. She makes every page come alive with her funny descriptions of things, like trying new classes at her gym or struggling to squeeze into those "serious undergarments" in order to "achieve maximum foxiness."

5. She overcame. Through the course of the book you get to watch her completely transform. Not just because she loses the weight or wears smaller sizes...but because she gains confidence, tries new things and really starts to experience her life. And she's learned how to live healthily without being obsessed about the scale or constant calorie counting. I want to get to that place. It's all very inspiring. I wanted to cry with pride for this real life superhero. And look at her! She's stinkin' adorable!

Pretty much the only negative thing I could think to say about this book (or her blog) is that she tends to have a bit of a potty mouth. (I know some of you think I'm a prude for even mentioning that.) Wish she would have used ALL Australian-born slang. *haha*

Overall I'd definitely recommend you take a look at this book. Especially those of you who are on a similar journey. You'll be inspired!! 

P.S. I want to thank all of you for the wonderfully encouraging comments and e-mails since my last post!! I can't convey how much they helped. I think I'll print them out and make a scrapbook page to carry around with me...or maybe post it on the cereal cabinet to keep me focused. You're the BESTEST!


kilax said...

Sarah! You are so cute in that pic with the book! I want to give you a big hug!

I have seen this book before and thought about picking it up, because I LOVE weight loss stories. I've been burnt out though, and thought it would just be another "same-old same-old."

Well, your review makes me want to go get a copy! I love it when I find someone else who can relate to my awful obsession with food, because it makes me feel more normal. I HATE that I think about food so much. But to know that so many of us struggle with it. It's reassuring, right?

I am going to have to check out her blog, the interview, and see if the library has a copy of the book. Thanks for the review!

sarah said...

i haven't blogged in days and i feel so outta the loop... but i did read all of your recent entries.

i totally want to read that book now! looks like a really great read! hopefully, it's motivation for you. i think you are doing a fabulous job with your weight loss!

just always remember to keep your head up because there is always going to be ups and downs!

keep us posted!


Krissy said...

I just wanted to let you know that I was looking through some old pictures the other day and noticed how AWESOME you are really looking these days! Don't let those little bumps in the road slow you down! Awesome that you read a book! LOL. I've hated reading since middle school...and I've actually read like 3 books in the past year! With being forced to read in school, I forgot how fun it is to read for fun.

Adriana said...

I felt the same way two days ago... I finished reading Dead Until Dark, A Sookie Stackhouse novel. The HBO series True Blood is based off of these books by Charlaine Harris about vampires and a lot of crazy things... I love it! I was an English major (that's what my degree's in!) and I ALWAYS had to read for classes, but hated to. I made it through a few semesters without doing the readings, but I would also not read any books for fun because I would feel guilty. If I had time to read these fun books, then I should be reading books for school. So, I graduated in December and finished my first book !!! I am already on Ch. 3 of the second book of the series! Such a good feeling!... now I just need to work on finishing Harry Potter, too. :)

Shannon said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! Makes me want to pick it up and start reading it now!

tiger said...


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