Monday, March 9, 2009

Weight-ing Around

It's weigh-in day, folks! And the theme today is "2 steps up, 2 steps down." I managed to lose those two pounds that I gained last week, and not a smidge more. I guess I'm happy with that, although I was really hoping for a bonus pound as a reward for coming to my senses. :)  Ah well, considering I missed three gym days last week to take the dogs for a walk, I didn't burn quite as many calories as I should/could have. So I'm good with two pounds.

I've decided something. I know in the past I said I was only going to track my weight loss since January and not count the 5 lbs I lost in November/December. Well that's just stupid. Because in my head I'm still including that 5 lbs and it's just getting downright confusing tracking two different numbers. Plus, it's weight that's gone off my body, why shouldn't I count it? I was at my heaviest weight EVER around Thanksgiving, so I should be counting any weight lost since then. There, it's decided. So I'm down 17lbs. That's a big chunka change, folks! Looking at myself, I don't really know where I put it! Guess I was bigger than I thought.

AND! AND guess what! There's more! You know my handy dandy scale with it's fancy doohickies that measure body fat? Well my percentage went down! I was at 31.somethin' (after we figured out how tall I really am *hehe*) and this morning it read 28.7! That's a significant drop, isn't it? So I guess I'm building some muscle, which is great. To be honest I haven't even worked that hard at strength-training yet. I've been doing mostly cardio with some weights thrown in every once in a while. So I was pleased to see that number had changed. :)

Here's what I'm most excited about. Remember the great weather I told you about? Well it spurred me to dig out some shorts and capris from the depths of my drawers. I thought trying them on might give me some extra motivation, y'know, to shrink into them. But they FIT!!! Hallelujah! My super cute denim capri's that I ballooned out of last Summer are fitting beautifully again. 

And then there's a couple pairs of shorts that I bought last Spring on sale. They were too tight when I bought them but I planned on losing some more weight so they'd fit. I never managed to do that, so these shorts were sitting in my drawer with the tags still on them. Tragic! But I was able to get them up and zipped AND still breathe in them. :) It was a very good day.


etta said...

Congratulations on the shorts and capris! I don't own anything but jeans and gym shorts. I need to kick things into high-gear before it gets warm outside so I feel okay in shorts!

Ashley said...

Yay - good for you!! The number on my scale refuses to budge right now. :( I think it's hard to lose weight when training for an event tho, cuz you have to make sure you take in enough calories for energy and what not. Oh least I'm doing something good for my body anyway, whether it shows or not.

That's also exciting about fitting into all those clothes - it's like getting "new" stuff, even tho you already had it....but haven't worn it. Exciting!

kilax said...

Yay! Nothing beats a loss AND clothes fitting! That always makes me feel good - when something fits better!

I started my weightloss journey in July, and I have a little tracker on my site from that number, but I didn't put the tracker up until October! But I was proud of my previous loss. You should be too :)

Shannon said...

Yay for you!! That's awesome!!!

sarah said...

CONGRATS on the the percentage going down and fitting into your clothes!!! =) that is so awesome.

anyway, wanted to tell you that i left you an award on my blog for always being so inspirational and generous to leave wonderful comments for me all the time. play along if you want! :)


tiger said...


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