Saturday, March 21, 2009

Adventures of a Customer Care Assistant

Well week one is over and done with and I'm feeling more and more blessed every day to have this job. Not just because I'm loving it, but also because we're receiving 2 or 3 calls AN HOUR from people wanting to apply for it! They've called the other applicants to tell them the position was filled, but these are new people just finding the ad online. It's amazing. I say a little prayer every time we turn someone away. This economy is harsh and I know there are so many people out of work. It is really so amazing that I got in there when I did and snatched up the position before anyone else. 

As the days go by, I'm feeling more comfortable with the tasks that I'm responsible for. But I'm finding that I'm still carrying some scars with me from my last job. Whenever I approach Dr. Olson to tell him something, I feel like I'm walking on eggshells a bit. At Scrapbook Garden, whenever I had to go to the owner for something, I never knew what response I would get, but it usually ranged from indifferent to extremely annoyed.  Even if he had called you in there himself, it was a nerve-racking situation to talk to him. He never actually full-on yelled at me, but I saw him go off on plenty of other people during my time there, so I felt it was always a possibility to get raked over the coals for no good reason. It was scary!!

Yet whenever I go into Dr. Olson's office, I'm greeted with a chipper, "HELLO!" or "Yes ma'am?" or "What can I do for ya?" And yesterday he was telling me what to put on an invoice for a client , and he was leaning over my shoulder. I clicked the wrong button and felt myself getting nervous, expecting him to get flustered and take over, saying, "No no, just let me do it" (like my last boss would have done) but instead he responded gently, with patience, simply pointing to where I needed to click. It was funny, because Becky even apologized for the way he was hanging over my shoulder, saying that when he does that it makes her nervous. I just laughed because, frankly, that ain't NOTHIN' compared to what I've dealt with. I just need to shake that feeling that he's going to snap at me for something stupid. He is a different man. He is a kind, generous, Godly man. What a change! 

I was originally supposed to work today, but Dr. Olson was going to be leaving the office early because of a conference so we only had two clients scheduled to come in. (We're only open till noon on Saturdays.)  So Becky said I didn't need to bother coming in. I have to admit, I'm thankful for the weekend off. Adjusting to this new schedule has been a little exhausting. I'm used to the retail world and have never had a job where I needed to be there before 9:30. And of course being out of work for 5 months didn't exactly give me a reason to bounce out of bed at the crack of dawn. *haha* Don't get me wrong, I'm not fishing for sympathy here! I know I've always been lucky to sleep ridiculously later than most people. :) But my body is still trying to figure out what on earth is going on! So getting to sleep in a little today was nice. My body feels like I caught up a bit and I'm feeling rested.


Michelle said...

Having shared that experience with you I bet this week was like a wonderful breath of fresh air! I'm so glad the job is going so well for you!

a chick named Toni... said...

Yes, that is right Bob is a one of a kind fella. I have never had the pleasure *cough* of working for someone like him. Very interesting to say the least. Sounds like you new office is full of nice people. Just the way that it should be!

Glad to hear that you had such a good week. I know what you mean about the economy. I thank the Lord everyday that I have a job. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will never knows.

etta said...

Retail? 9:30? I wish! When I open, I'm at work by 6:30 and stay until 10pm on the nights I close.

It sounds like you're working with a wonderful bunch of people!

Krissy said...

LOL...oh make me giggle. Now imagine you had to be there 1/2 an hour earlier...AND you had to put diapers on your doggies and put clothes on them and put their hair in ponytails and go drop them off at your mom's house before you got there. ;) LOL.
Just giving ya crap! :D

But I could see where it would be more difficult for you, especially dealing with Jeremy's schedule too.

But I'm so glad you love your job so much!

(Did you ever hear the story of my interview w/ B&K? They seriously got in a yelling fight DURING my interview! And to think I went ahead and took the job. lol.)

kilax said...

It takes a while to adjust to the "good things" about a new job, doesn't it? At my old job, my boss was constantly breathing down my neck. Now I have more freedom. Even though I've been there for three months, I feel like I am still getting used to it! I am so happy the first week went so well!

tiger said...


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