Thursday, March 5, 2009

Meet Cubby!

It's time to complete the three amigos, three musketeers, three little piggies. *hehe* Thanks for indulging my need to ramble incessantly about my dogs. They really are my babies. :)

(aka Cubs, Cubbers, Cubby Wubby, Cubby Dubby, Cubbalicious, and CUBBY MATTHEW!! when he's in trouble.)
Oh and to answer a question that was posed...yes we ARE Cubs (and Bears) fans. Well, Jeremy is and I tagalong cause I'm his wife. *hehe* Wrigley was named after Wrigley Field, but I actually chose the name Cubby because he reminded me so much of a little lion cub as a puppy. But it still works for that theme too. :)

The 411
Breed: Pretty much no clue. Any guesses?? His mom was a chihuahua mix and we don't know what the daddy was, so there's no telling how much of a hybrid this baby is.
Age: 1 1/2 (but still all puppy!)
Fur Color:  Cream, blonde, whatever you wanna call it. I call it Pudding. :)
Fur Type: Amazingly soft! It reminds me of a Golden Retriever. The only problem is that it acts like a cottony magnet...everything sticks to it! Leaves, twigs, fuzz, everything.
Eye Color: Brown
Size: Around 11 lbs. The funny thing about Cubby is that he has fairly short legs but a long body, so when he stands next to the other dogs he's smaller than they are, but when he SITS next to them, his head is even with MoJo's! 
What's your favorite thing about your dog? He is sweet as sugar! Something about him just makes me wanna baby him and kiss him all over. He does this adorable noise when he yawns, that I call the "Littlefoot yawn." (Which can be observed at 1:13 in the below clip). It's precious. He also happens to follow me around everywhere and practically melts at my feet when I acknowledge his presence. 

What's your least favorite thing? He growls. Not like aggressively. Almost like an unconscious response to being moved or disturbed. Like instead of a groan or a sigh to release excess air, he growls. *haha* And brave visitors think it's really funny to get him all riled up and annoyed because then he growls REALLY loud.  

Where did you get him? We got him from the same shelter that Wrigley came from: OK-Save-A-Dog in Oklahoma City.
Any special details? Well sometime in the Fall of '07 I was struck by puppy fever. True, we had just gotten Wrigley in February, but we didn't get to enjoy his puppy stage since he was already a couple years old. So I started to hint, ask, beg....whatever it took. Jeremy finally agreed. 

This time I thought I wanted a much smaller dog, a "pocket puppy" if you will. I also thought it would be fun to have a female. Just to mix things up (and dress things up, if you get my drift *hehe*). But I also wanted to adopt from a shelter again, so that narrowed my choices a bit.

Then in December I found a listing on for a litter of Chihuahua mix puppies at OK-Save-A-Dog. There were a couple females in the mix, but they were already spoken for. But that was OK because the one I fell in love with was the male: a fluffy little poofball that just melted my heart! Check it out, these were the pictures from the ad:
Cubby's on the left.
Hanging out with a fellow-shelter dog. He's the chubby lump giving kisses. (And yes, I did want the St. Bernard too, but that wasn't gonna happen.)

So that weekend we drove down to OKC to pick up our new baby. On the way there, I started to feel kinda yucky and by the time we arrived, I had the full-fledged flu with a fever and all. It was miserable. Especially because that same weekend, OKC was hit with the biggest ice storm they've ever seen. It was actually quite scary. Everything shut down and in the morning Jeremy literally had to break our car out of a layer of ice. (While I laid down on the bed like a zombie.) 
We were actually scared that we wouldn't be able to make it to the shelter, because the roads were really bad. But luckily, the shelter was far enough away that the area almost completely missed the storm. Thank God! To go through all that without getting to take Cubby home would have been terribly frustrating.

So we showed up and Kim (the shelter owner) brought out this tiny, fuzzy, wiggly little ball. I tried to be a little more thorough with the "dog-testing" this time, doing a few quick things to make sure he wasn't "broken." *haha* He seemed just perfect so we loaded up in the car and made our way back home. We had a little photo shoot as he sat in my lap.

Where's the mother? I believe she was still at the shelter. :( I hope she found a good home too!
Spayed/Neutered? Yes. The shelter spays and neuters every animal before it's adopted.
Any injuries or illnesses?  Nothing! *knock on wood*

Does he bite? He's our biggest "play-biter." He doesn't bite down hard but he does still like to "mouth" on hands. Nothing a little smack on the nose doesn't take care of, though. ;)
Does he jump on people? This is a yes on all our boys. :(
Is he house-broken? Yes, almost completely. If we don't pay close enough attention to him and miss his very quiet and polite requests, though, he will leave us a present in front of the door.
Has he chewed up anything special? Other than a few stray pens or pieces of paper, he really hasn't gotten into much. 
Does he bark? Yes. But only when he's playing. He doesn't bark at people or animals out the window or at the doorbell. 
Fetch? YES!! We were so excited when we discovered he liked to fetch. He's really good at it, too. He'll just keep bringing that ball back until you ignore him.
Did he go to obedience school? No....I kept meaning to sign him up for the puppy class but time got away from us.  
Does he play nicely with others? Well he plays really well with MoJo and Wrigley. But I took him (without the other two) to a church football game where he met a friend's huge, very excited Golden Retriever puppy. He coward behind my legs and growled. I think he was already feeling insecure to be without his brothers in a strange place for the first a little scared by this big dog.
Has he ever humped your leg? No, nor anything else.
Any special tricks? He can sit and shake. We really dropped the ball on teaching him stuff. But it's really hard to teach anything when you've got two other dogs trying to get the treats too.

Where's his favorite place to sleep? At night he sleeps at the end of the bed at my feet. 
Favorite food? CHEESE!! 
Favorite toy? He loves toys, period! 
Favorite place to run around? Backyard.
Favorite owner? I think it's ME! *hehe* I know he loves Jeremy too, but I truly feel that he's a mama's boy. :)

Is your dog calm or hyper?  He's still a puppy, what can I say? He does the silliest things for attention.
Explorer or Couch Potato? Explorer! He loves the outdoors, especially when he finds a stick that needs chewing. 

Does he learn quickly? We haven't really challenged him enough to know! :(
Stubborn at all? Yeah. if he doesn't want to come in when you call him he'll just stare at you from the yard. Reminds me of the Miniature Schnauzer I grew up with. 
Does he like to swim? Probably not...he doesn't like to get wet.
Is he a cuddler? Yes, absolutely! When Jeremy and I sit on the couch together he simply must be touching one of us. He prefers to be in a lap, but he'll settle for just leaning up against you if the laps are taken by the other two.

Some Favorite Photos 
Cutest puppy EVER! :)

What a great Christmas present

Snow puppy

Standing at me feet

Looking grown up!

His ears get kinda crazy sometimes. :)

Snuggly wuggly

My favorite Cubby photo to date. Doesn't he look regal? :)


Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Aw, I love all your doggies! They are too cute!

etta said...

Ugh, your dogs are so cute! I seriously want to come over and cuddle with each of them!

Kimpossible said...

Oh my goodness! Cubby is sooo cute, I just want to squeeze him! *well, in a good way of course* He is precious! You and Jeremy have a beautiful family, thanks for sharing them with all of us.

kilax said...

Aww! I would have fallen in love with that photo from the shelter too!

I cannot believe that ice storm! HOW SCARY! I'm so happy you were able to get there.

♥ Dee ♥ said...

He almost has a rat terrier look to him. I wonder if that's in the mix.

Heather Rose said...

Such a cutie! Love the puppy pics. Man! Puppiness is like my cryptonite. The just kill me with cute.