Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"It's Not Fair!"

Please enjoy the funniest thing I've seen in a looong time. I hope it makes you giggle as much as it did me! :) I know you'll at least agree that IT'S NOT FAIR!!

(I love the subtle Justin Timberlake video references...and you know you're going to be going around singing, "When my world revolves around food it's so hard just not to eeeeeeeat!!!!!")

Speaking of food and all that jazz, my regular readers are probably wondering why I haven't weighed in the last two weeks. Well there really hasn't been much to report. My eating has been sketchy and my workout regimen has been less that stellar. I've only gained like 1.5 pounds over these two weeks which is minimal damage so I'm OK with it. 

Now, I haven't been bingeing like mad or anything crazy. It's just been a bit hard to adjust to my new schedule and keep everything else on track at the same time. I ate out a lot last week because I didn't get my lunch ready to bring with me.  I'm also adding about 4 hours onto my day, which adds more time for cramming in calories. *haha* And I'm still trying to think up healthy snacks I can bring with me that AREN'T loaded with carbs but are still easy to pack up in the morning. (I've been eating too many granola bars recently. *haha*) 

My exercise opportunities have been cut in half to begin with, but then I've had some additional activities in the past week and a half that have limited it further. And I'm so pooped when I get home in the evenings the LAST thing I wanna do is head to the gym. I know, I know, welcome to a normal life. I guess I didn't appreciate what I had until it was gone, y'know? In hindsight, I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to do some hardcore blubber-blasting for the months I was out of work. I know it sped up my progress...and hopefully instilled some habits that I'll be able to continue once I get myself adjusted.


ohitislove said...

hahaha. hilarious!

chrisandginny said...

"I'm supa hungry like a griz-a-lee bear" hahahahaha! Love it :) And let me officially welcome you to the real world (with love, of course :) I keep saying that I would love to go on Biggest Loser or some 3 month long boot camp so "life" wouldn't get in the way of working out (aka work, and other obligations). Oh well :)

Veronica said...

Ha That was so funny. I agree it's NOT fair!!

a chick named Toni... said...

Ok Sarah this is too funny! I have to show Mike because I think he couldn've sang this song after the doctors gave him his new heart healthy diet!

Camevil said...

"Chicken nuggets all up in my grill." *cackles*

Wish I had seen that video sooner but my speakers on my office 'puter are wonky lately.

Hey, you haven't blogged in 3 days. I'm having some serious Sarah withdrawal here. Hello!

tiger said...


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