Monday, March 2, 2009

Wake Up Call

Well this morning's weigh-in wasn't good, but it also wasn't really a surprise. I was up 2lbs. Not terrible, but definitely enough to get my attention. 

For the past week I've let a lot of things slip. Portion sizes have gotten a little sloppy...just taking "handfuls" of things instead of actually counting them. Sneaking extra little nibbles here and there...Oh I think I'll have some banana chips...or some grapes...or a few crackers...and then not counting them into my calories. It's little things like that, but they add up. Then there was Jeremy's Birthday dinner on Wednesday night where I ate more (and naughtier) than I'd planned. And that popcorn I had at the concert on Saturday night. And I'd rather not get into last night. *sigh*

It's kind of a pattern I've had in the past, too. This is usually where it starts, but then eventually I start cheating here and there in other ways. Rationalizing, fudging, bingeing. It snowballs. But this time I really can't let it! This time I need to get myself under control before it's too late.  And if the scales have already noticed that I'm not trying very hard, then I need to get back to taking this seriously again. 

So there...that's my personal pep-talk for the week. It's a new week...a new month...a new start. I'm ready to give it my all again and see a better result next Monday.  :^/

(P.S. Anybody out there in Blogger land: Is it possible to go back and add labels to old posts without screwing up the order of the posts? Like, I don't want it to tell my "followers" that I've added a new post, when all I've done is added a label. Has anyone tried this? Thanks!)


etta said...

This is why I weigh myself on Friday. If I'm going to slip up, it's going to be on the weekends. You're doing such an awesome job, regardless! You are going to make it over this bump and you're going to do even better next week! Tomorrow is a new day! If it makes you feel any better, yesterday a quite heavy woman I work with was telling me what kind of cardio was best, how to lose weight, etc... all while shoving junk food down her throat. I had to leave.

PS -- you can change the labels. I think you just open it to edit it and then hit 'post' again. I don't think it posts it at the beginning, it leaves it where it was.

Kimpossible said...

Do not despair, your doing great!! I have been working very hard to watch my portion sizes too and Ive been trying hard to stay away from the junk and sweets. Tonight at work I did have a little bundt cake with icing and glitter!! Too cute, from Monica's Bundt Cake Factory about an inch high. I know, I know but you should have seen them!

Hey, how's the head? Keep up the good work!

kilax said...

Hee hee. I am laughing at Etta's comment. I hate it when people don't practice what they preach!

What's important about this gain is that you know WHAT caused it, and now you can tackle it. Every moment is a chance to start over. Live the moment you are in and decide what you really do and don't want to eat. I know - easier said that done. I have faith in you. :) good luck!

chrisandginny said...

Kudos for being honest and not finding an excuse to not blog (which is probably what I would have done! :)

One week out of HOW many weeks that you've been doing great? Sometimes you just hafta get it out of your system :) And since you've told all of us in blogworld, you've got a support/accountability group whether you like it or not, haha!

Keep it up, you Stud! :)

Michelle said...

Can I recommend the dental work diet?

Seriously though, you've figured out what you need to do for you and what has sabotaged you in the past and are taking steps to correct that so celebrate that!

Camevil said...

Eh, 2 lbs is nothing. You have shown that you're more than capable of being a loser (I mean that in a good way, hahahaha).

And we're all allowed some indulgences.

This week = clean slate!