Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Duper Snack

I made up a couple Hungry Girl recipes for our Super Bowl celebration yesterday. The first, which I was most excited about trying, was a cheese dip that ended up very disappointing. In fact, it is the first time I've disliked anything that HG has created or recommended. It was just really....bleh. Not nearly cheesy enough for my tastes. Oh well!

Good thing I also whipped up some Krispymallow Treats from the cookbook. THEY were good! Think Rice Krispy Treat except with good stuff, like fiber and whole grains. And they're only 47 calories per SQUARE! (Well, since I can't cut straight, I think mine range from 40-60 calories per lop-sided trapezoid.) Can't beat that! They're sweet enough to be considered a treat, plus they're crunchy and chewy at the same time. Bonus! I had one this morning with my fruit & yogurt breakfast (I've run out of waffles!! Waaah!) and found they were even better today. They seem to hold together more now that they sat for the night. Don't know how long it will be before they go stale, though. (They likely won't last that long!)

They're really easy to make, too. In fact, I got brave and did some substituting since I ran out of one kind of cereal. (I know that's not really "brave" to most of you...but I'm a kitchen coward, remember?) It CALLS for Fiber One, puffed wheat, light butter (or butter spread) and marshmallows, but mine had Fiber One, Kashi GoLean and a little bit of Fiber One Caramel Delight. Delish! 


chrisandginny said...

You're making my mouth water! :)

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Those look GREAT! And I don't think they'd last 5 minutes in my house. Although making them with Fiber One might keep my husband out of them.