Wednesday, February 25, 2009


On Saturday night I attended a P.J. crop with a bunch of fun gals that I used to have the pleasure of working with. We had an absolute blast!!! It was scheduled to go from 5pm to 5am, but I knew that I was never gonna make it that long. I still cropped for like 7-8 hours though, which was awesome!

The crop was at Scrap Funattic out in Andover. Unfortunately I don't make it there a lot since it's sooo far away, but it really is a cute little store. And they know how to throw a fabulous crop night! They set up a projector and ran great movies all night long (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Music & Lyrics...and Phantom of the Opera, which was my DVD that I just happened to bring along. *haha*) Most of the Scrap Funattic employees were there and it was fun to listen to them gab, giggle and bicker like sisters. Reminded me of how fun it was to work with people you really get a long with. Plus they were all cropping and having a fun time right alongside the rest of us! How great is that?  I even managed to win a giveaway during the time I was there - some great FancyPants rubon letters! Oowah oowah! :)

My table consisted of the delightful Samantha,who still thinks it's acceptable to silhouette-cut her photos, even after I advised against it...the little rebel! *wink wink* 
And crazy-fun Kim with her equally silly daughter Megan.
We were having a great time...and then slumber-party-itus set in and we started to have a really great time! *haha* You know when you get the most ridiculous case of the giggles and laugh so hard that your face is literally stuck in a scrunchy, almost painful configuration and you're gasping for air and your stomach hurts? Yeah, that was us. It felt so good to laugh like that. I'd love to tell you what we found so funny, but I can't even remember. I'm sure it was mostly pretty stupid, but that's OK. Even better, I say. 

I do remember this one incident, only because I took a picture. It came to my attention, as I was digging through the stuff I'd brought with me, that I have "invested" in a million-bajillion cupcake embellishments and papers. Partially because I think they're so cute, partially because they somehow satisfy a need to buy cupcakes (but they're made out of paper and are calorie free), but mostly because I thought I had all these cupcake pictures from NYC. (Turns out I only had two sets and they're both scrapbooked now...and I have a ton of cupcake leftovers. *haha*) Anywho, as I was lamenting about all of these cupcakes spread out before me, Kim pulls out this mega-huge cupcake die cut and says, "Those aren't THIS is a cupcake!!!" a-la Crocodile Dundee (that might not have been how she meant it, but that "This is a knife!" quote is what came to my mind!). And this sent us all into hysterics as we joked that it was the Godzilla of cupcakes and it was there to destroy all my measly, dinky, pathetic little cupcakes. Well, maybe you had to be there. ;)

The table next to us consisted of our other dear friends, Nikki 
and Linda & Mary
whom I'm sure were all much more productive than we were! *haha* And I happen to know (cause Mary said so in her blog) that all three of them made it till 5am! Impressive! I wanna be like you gals when I grow up. :)

In the end I got four 2-page layouts done, plus the start of a 5th. Here's a sampling! I'm not gonna take the time to list products and details about all of these. If there's something you're curious about, just leave a comment and I'll be more than happy to get back to you! :) 


Ashley said...

1) I srsly thought your blog title was "craptastic," which is a word that my friend and I use all the time and I was like WOAH, SARAH!!! lol

2) Your scrapbooks are really starting to inspire me to start scrapping's been over 2 years and I have so many supplies that are not being used. I just don't have the TIME....

3) You guys are like SUPER SCRAPPERS!!! All nighters?!?! Sounds like so much FUN!!!! I wish I knew some peeps that I could do an all-night crop with - too fun!

4) That's all. Have a nice day! :)

etta said...

Your pages are awesome! Mine are really lame compared to yours. It might help if I actually knew anyone near me who scrapbooked.

Anyway, it looks like you had a wonderful time!

Camevil said...

OMG, you really are a hardcore scrapper. Whoa!

Glad you had good time. That's just too crazy for me.

~Samantha said...

At least I didn't outline it in glitter :)

Heather Rose said...

Ah, crafty shenanigans with friends. Awesome, isn't it? Love your finished project.

Shannon said...

That looked like so much fun!! :)

Krissy said...

Yay! What a fun time!!! I called to sign up but it was full, and then had made other plans already when I found out it was no longer full. I think I'm going to the one in April. You gonna go??? I think we should see how many ex-SBG workers we could get to show up. Hehe! And have a BLASTY!

a chick named Toni... said...

Man that looks like fun! I wouldn't have made it until 5 either...I am weak compared to the other girls! Love your pages! You got a lot done!