Monday, February 9, 2009

"Weight" just a minute!

*singing* "It's just another weigh-in Monday! I wish it was Sunday! Cause that's my fun-day." :)

But what am I whining about? Today is a GREAT weigh-in day! Because today, my purdy new scale is telling me I've lost 2 pounds! Woohoo!!! That brings my overall total since I started in January to 9 pounds. (Plus I kept off 5 of the pounds I lost when I was sick all December, but I've decided not to count those since I didn't WORK for them, y'know? They were a "gift." *haha*)  

I have bad news about my body fat percentage, though. The other day Jeremy calculated his own percentage on the scale and we were comparing our numbers. Mine was lower than his, so of course I felt inclined to gloat a little. Just a little. "Women's body fat is supposed to be higher than a man's...we just carry more fat, y'know, in "those" places. Blah blah blah, mine is lower than yours, so I rock." Then he retorted with something like, "Well your number is only lower because you're taller than me." Indeed. This is a fact we shlink around, though, and try to ignore. He doesn't bring it up and I certainly don't rub it in his face, but I AM taller. ;) Everyone knows it. 

So then he pulls me into the bathroom and makes me stand back to back with him in front of the mirror. I insisted that because of the shape and SIZE of my immense head, the results of this test were bound to be skewed. :) So then he makes me stand up against the door jam, like a growing child, and makes a mark above my head. And then I do the same for him. When he pulled out the tape measurer, we were both in for a surprise. 

I've been telling people for YEARS that I'm 5'6". For YEARS! Come to find out, I'm barely 5'5"! *haha* And Jeremy was indignantly sure that he was 5'5" but in reality he's right at 5'4". And this meant that we had entered the wrong proportions into our smart li'l scale, so our body fat was measured wrong. So we were arguing about it for nothing. And we're both shorter and fatter than we thought. *hahaha* Oh well. Such is life.

On the diet front, this morning I made the most AMAZING pancakes! Pancakes, you say? Pancakes aren't for DIETS! Well, my friend, you are mistaken. Because these pancakes were made with Fiber One's pancake mix! (I'm beginning to think FiberOne is destined to take over the entire diet market...even more so than Special K! It's insane how many products they make.) 
As you can see, this mix has fiber, whole grain, calcium, blah blah blah. Plus you get three pancakes for 180 calories.  And they're so delicious! Light and fluffy, simply scrumptious. If I were a better pancake-flipper, they would have been pretty too, I'm sure. But I can never seem to get them turned over without them skidding across the pan, leaving little batter entrails splattered all over. Which doesn't make for a pretty pancake. 

I was so excited about eating them that I forgot to take a picture before my first bite, sorry. :) 
Ok, here's one from the other side which was still in-tact. *haha*
Now, you may be thinking, "Sarah, this looks like a complete rerun of the waffle breakfast." But I assure you it was a completely different taste experience. :)  

The boys got to enjoy one of the cast-offs that got a little too done. They enjoyed it and wanted more, see?

Sadly, there was a casualty in my kitchen this morning. I don't know if any of you do this, but I often get the burners on my stove mixed up, turning on the wrong one. Normally it's not a problem because my stovetop is cleared. But today an unsuspecting oven mitt met it's untimely doom. And my kitchen still smells like burnt cotton.


Camevil said...

Congrats on the 2 lb loss. That's a good, solid amount to lose in one week. *high fives*

But now I'm wondering about my height, too. They say you shrink when you get older. Uh oh.

Cute goggies.

Michelle said...

Poor, poor oven mitt! She shall be missed!

Those of mine that mysteriously end up like that ('cause you know it can't be ME doing it!) are the ones that go out on Scout camping trips so if they don't make it back home it's no big loss. Generally I am more concerned about my Scouts (and myself depending on the Scout) coming back alive than my oven mitts though!

Ashley said...

Congrats on a good week!

I was doing well all week until yesterday....when I baked banana bread and drank almost an entire bottle of wine - oops!! The scale did not lie this morning. :(

etta said...

Poor oven mitt! Hooray for the weight-loss!

I finally tried Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal and I wasn't disappointed!

kilax said...

2 whole pounds! Great work! That is funny about the scale. I need to measure my height as well. I am not sure if I am 5'7" or 5'8". I guess I better find out if I ever get one of those fancy pants scales!

Those pancakes look delish!

a chick named Toni... said...

Made some totally awesome looking pancakes and didn't burn the house down...I would say that is a very productive day!

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Congrats on the 2 pounds - that's awesome. I used to tell everyone I was 5'4". Turns out I'm 5'2". Ack.

I've never seen the Fiber One pancake mix before. But I'll definitely look for it. Thanks for the review.

sarah said...

congrats on the weight loss - i am so jealous! hehe. keep up the fabulous work!

and sorry to hear of the oven mitt loss. i did that before! lol.

can't wait to see your next creation!


Heather Rose said...

Ohhh. Oven mitt casualties are the worst! Poor little unsuspecting bit of kitchen handiness. There Po-Po's in my kitchen. Hey, they are there to "serve and protect".

I know. My lameness factor is ALWAYS through the roof.

Oh, and "we're both shorter and fatter than we thought" may just become my mantra(even though my husband is a skinny minny). I just think you're adorable! I love it!

Congratulations on the weight loss.