Thursday, February 26, 2009


I was taking my doggies on a nice walk around our neighborhood yesterday, enjoying the lovely weather and sunshine. As we turned a corner, I saw this teenage girl in the distance walking around yelling something. I couldn't hear what she was saying, but from the whistling that accompanied the shouting, I assumed she was calling a dog. Once we got closer, I strained to hear what exactly she was saying. To the best of my judgement, I thought she was saying, "CORNCOB!" I thought, "Wow, what a horrible name for a dog!" *haha* And I swear, every time she yelled it I was more and more sure that it was Corncob. 

Quite a while later, this car pulled up and stopped beside us. Sitting in the passenger seat was the girl, looking sweaty and annoyed. "Excuse me," she said, "have you seen a small dog running around here anywhere?" I told her I hadn't, but asked for a description in case I did see him. "He's a bright red little tiny chihuahua." Bright red? Really? Wow, that I'd like to see! I asked her where she lived in case I DID happen to find him (and somehow managed to wrangle him without my own three dogs getting away...or eating him...) I could be the hero and bring him home.

Before she drove off I said, "Oh wait! What's his name?" 
"Schwarzkopf." (If that's not spelled right, blame Google.)
I choked back a chuckle, but I wanted to tell her, "Lady, the reason your little dog isn't coming to you is because it SOUNDS like you're calling someone named CORNCOB!"

I never did see the little dog, although I really did keep my eyes peeled. For one, I felt terrible that they'd lost the poor thing and I know I'd be panicked if my babies were loose. But I was also a little worried about a crazed, hyper chihuahua tearing around the corner and starting a dogfight with my crew. I mean, I've seen Dog Whisperer...the chihuahuas are the scariest cases!! *haha* 

In other news, I got some new shoes! I got them at Wally World for 8 bucks! Wow whadda bargain! :) They're slingbacks with cute little bows on the toes. Check'em out.

On my feet...
...and my attempt at being photographically creative. :)


chrisandginny said...

I think I like Corncob better than Schwarzkpoh :)
Love the shoes, they make me think happy thoughts of spring! (And I give you an A+ for being photographically creative, looks like it should be in a magazine ;)

Camevil said...


Oh I remember El Diablo from the Dog Whisperer, the chawoowoo who ran the pit bull rescue shelter with an iron fist. For that reason, I stay away from those beasts.

Those shoes are too cute. You're such a fashionista!

etta said...

Two of our chihuahuas are red. They're so cute! I wouldn't worry so much about it attacking your dogs if it's anything like mine. They may act tough, but they're cowards! I hope she found her pooch. People will snatch those up off of the street!

sarah said...

HAHAHHA. that story just made my day! :) lol.

a red chihuahua! i wanna see that too.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new shoes, sarah! we totally have the same style! :)


Kimpossible said...

I love the new kicks, very SpRiNgY!! I have to wonder why would anyone name their dog Schwartzkopf??? I think I like Corncob much better!! *hahaha*