Friday, February 6, 2009

"Cel-e-brate good times, COME ON!"

Guess who was able to fit into her "skinny" jeans today?!?! That's right, ME! (Clarification: There's really nothing skinny about these jeans. They're still a size bigger than the smallest I've worn. BUT, these were the jeans I bought last Spring after dieting and working out, but then quickly grew back out of. THESE jeans:)

Two weeks ago, I tried these on and I couldn't even get them up past my...erm...hindquarters. They stopped at just above the knee and wouldn't go any further. But not today! I got them all the way up aaaaand with a little sucking in, I even  got'em buttoned! *haha* Oh yeah! Woohoo! :) I'm especially psyched, because last year it took me January through mid March to get into this size. Well, after gaining all that weight back (and a smidge more *phooey*), I was starting completely over this January. And here it is, EARLY February and I've gotten into these jeans already! Talk about encouragement. I am so, so happy.

Something else fun happened today. Jeremy told me that he was looking at and found an excellent travel package for Valentine's Day weekend. You know, one of those plane, rental car + hotel deals where they name when you leave and where you stay and you save like 60% or something crazy? Well, he's taking me to Minneapolis! I know, I know. Minnesota in February? Going to be a tad more than chilly. But I've got three little words for you: Mall Of America. We'll never even have to go outside! *haha* I'm very excited! We went there as a family when I was younger, but true to my family's vacation style (due to my Dad's gung-ho leadership) we saw the entire mall in a single day! I hope this time we'll get to spend a little more time browsing (SCRAPBOOK STORES!) and eating (SPLURGE!) and riding some rides (MOTION SICKNESS!). Yay!


Krissy said...

How awesome! I'm so envious of your exciting travels lately! At least you'll get to puke up some of that food you eat, right? - with the rides? haha j/k!

Congrats on your jeans! That's so exciting!

Camevil said...

Oooooo, going on a vay-cay in your new skinny jeans. Good job!

Isn't Priceline great? Hubby and I enjoyed a fantastic New England vacation staying at a Sheraton hotel suite for less than $55 a night. Yes, the Priceline gods were kind to us.


etta said...

What a great weekend trip! I'm jealous! I'm significantly closer to you this weekend. We're about 45 minutes from the Missouri/kansas state line!

Hooray for skinny jeans! I'd love to be the size I was when I started dating my husband.

Kari said...

Whooohooo that is awesome that you were able to get back into those skinny jeans and looking mighty good in them too!!
Oh yes...Mall of America. I hope you have an amazing time on your little getaway!

a chick named Toni... said...

What a sweet hubby! This will be so much fun and I can't wait to get the dish on the scrapbook stores!

BTW the valentine I made is embossed with an embossing folder and the cuddle bug. I just love that little machine!

kilax said...

Oh man, I love that feeling when the jeans finally come up to my waist! It's no matter if it's not your smallest size, it's that you're getting smaller and healthier!

I can believe you won't leave MoA! That place is huge! Have fun!