Friday, August 22, 2008

We went to the zoo, zoo, zoo...How about you, you, you?

(Disclaimer: I have discovered that, depending on the computer you view my blog from, the text doesn't always show up correctly. My apologies if it's hard for you to read!)

Even though I live really close to my family, sometimes we go much too long without seeing each other. Admittedly, the fault lies with Jeremy and I and our busy schedules. But it is still inexcusable. So last week, Mom, Lauren and I planned ahead to spend an afternoon together A.S.A.P. That afternoon was Wednesday and we took the kiddos to the zoo! (And briefly to the park before we got rained out.) We had such a great time! The weather couldn't have been was most certainly an Autumn appetiser. And for a group of girls that LOVE cloudy days, we were thrilled. We were snappy-
happy with our cameras (as usual) so I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures from the afternoon. :)
Despite the clouds, Livvie was squinting a lot due to the glare. Grammy came to the rescue and loaned her some sunglasses. I really didn't think she'd keep them on, but she did! Doesn't she look FABulous? She had to keep pushing them up on her nose and occasionally I wasn't sure if she could really see where she was going. The prices we pay for fashion! ;)
Jack was easy-going and charming as always, even though the poor little guy has a bunch of teeth coming in. (Hence the picture on the left where he's devouring Henry the Octopus' foot.) I really can't believe how blonde he's getting! Blonde hair and blue eyes...what a cutie.
Miss Olivia is NOT easy to get a picture of. The girl is in constant motion. They do not make a camera fast enough to keep up with her! But if you keep on snapping, you're bound to get some gems because she's adorable from every angle. I took the super-close up on the left. I'm not sure, I think she was handing me something. I think it's really captures the twinkle in her eye. And Mom took the one on the right, which is equally darling but for a different reason. It's a much more "chill" Olivia...almost angelic.
As I mentioned earlier, we ventured over Sedgwick County Park after we'd had enough of the zoo. There is a new playground called Playscape which is absolutely phenomenal. It is incredibly run-of-the-mill playground eqipment here. If you have a child in your life you MUST take them to this park. It's like an amusement park, seriously. :)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I've done some more scrapbook pages...I'll try to post them soon. :)

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a chick named Toni... said...

Very sweet pictures! They are so stinkin' cute! I am so glad that you guys had a nice day together!